I need job to save my daughter –Physically challenged

The quest for job and assistance to save the life of own baby forced 34-year-old man (name withheld) to seek audience with whoever cared to listen and probably offer him a helping hand.
That was what compelled him to visit me in at a joint.
One would have thought that he had come to beg for alms like many physically challenged persons on the street, but his demand was different. He sounded very convincing about his plight while expressing himself fluently in English language.
When I gave him audience, the man who claimed he was born with deformity on his legs, which makes him goes with walking stick, struggled to hold back his tears as he narrated his story.
He hails from Obi local government area of Benue state.
When he graduated five years ago from the Department of Computer Science, University of Benin, Edo State, he thought his life would soon change for better.
Not minding the fact that he was physically challenged, he was full of hope that having struggled to see himself through the university, that luck would smile on him because of the skill he acquired in school.
He was consoled that since government and corporate organisations sympathise with the physically challenged persons over their plight, they would be sincere on their pledge whenever the opportunity comes for him to display his skills while haunting for job.
However, the university of Benin graduate soon found out that the reverse was the case in many instances while trying to secure job with government and corporate organisations.
“Please, I have been to several places and I did all I could to secure job since 2007, when I graduated from the University of Benin. As I speak with you, my child is on sick bed because I could not afford to buy N2, 500 worth drug prescribed by the doctor before treatment could commence at government hospital. I was told the girl had jaundice.
“My life is something else, deformity had made me a laughing stock everywhere I went applying for job even though the employees found me worthy of employment but they always edged me out because they said my condition may not allow me to meet up, but am sure they were wrong. I can, if given the opportunity. I was frustrated at the last interview I had with MTN when they said, ‘sorry we cannot take you because we have no provision to accommodate you’ after going through their interview when I applied for employment with the organisation,” he said.
The man who said his father is now late, claimed his mother from one of the earster state of Yoruba, now married to another man, dumped him at the age of three because of his deformity, a situation that contributed largely to the death of his father.
“Life has not been kind to me. I was the second child out of three children my mum had for my father. The woman, as I am told just decided to dump me with the rest of the family after her repeated complaints that she could not cope with physically challenged child. Though, she is now on her own. I know how to contact her, but I am not moved to look for her.
“I went through a lot while in school. After passing secondary school certificate exams, I gained admission into university. The worst happened when my dad gave up the ghost in 1981. Not only that, the only person left for me, his younger brother, also passed on in 1992. I saw myself out of school with my expertise as a cobbler. During my days in the university, I was able to make some savings and I bought a photocopying machine, which also assisted me to make additional sums.
“It was during the process, I met my wife, Mary from Owerri, Imo State, who was taking a pre-degree programme at UNIBEN. We fell in love, though she is not physically challenged. She is the one sustaining the family now with the N300 a day she makes working as a restaurant assistant some where in Lagos. Please, my greatest priority is to secure job so that I can at least save the life of my daughter born on December 25, 2011.”
The man who speaks Igede and Yoruba fluently and who could not afford to buy a mobile phone, however, said he could be reached through a mobile line but preferred to be reached through the writer of this blog (me).
“Well, I have no mobile phone of mine but the GSM number I dictated to you is owned by a friend who promised to get in touch with me whenever he wants to contact me. My morale is getting dampened day by day because I do not know when I would be rescued from my present situation. How I wish that an opportunity presents itself to prove myself. The society has become something else; it is now a question of whom you know and how connected you are. I am trusting God. I would continue to pray until He hears my prayer.
“Frustration is beginning to set in for me. If not for the wife God has used as helper, I do not know what would have become of me by now. This pain is getting too much. God would not forgive me if anything happens to my daughter. This is my greatest worry. Please make a case for me and let Nigerians assist me.
“I am very good on computer. Am lettered in graphics, I am appealing to Nigerians to give me opportunity to display my skills. My certificate is intact. I am willing to work. I will adjust like every other employee in any organisation, if they can be kind to give me job. Please, help to plead with Nigerians, corporate organisations and government to employ me. I have copies of my certificate with several ministries in Lagos State.” he said.


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