“Nigerian Government Pays Young People On Social Media To Take On Dissenting Voices “

If you have noticed an increase in the number of people that attack folks Facebook and on Twitter because of their views on politics & governance in Nigeria, let me assure you that these people are not doing it because they hate or because they necessarily disagree with such views, they are paid to do it.
One of the people they approached to abuse me on social media just reached out now to tell me about how she was offered money to attack myself and some other named people on social media. Don’t even mistake the desperation of those who are oppressing our people as something focused strictly on the contemporaries in politics alone, they are paying up fellow young people to take us on for our stand.
You will notice how these paid young people are not tweeting or posting about issues, they are obsessively dedicated to abusing individuals pointed out by agents of the government. They are very easy to identify on Twitter, you just note how all of a sudden, people with a sizeable number of followers who were never interested in politics, suddenly pick interest, not in the issues or politics itself, but in those deemed to be anti-government.
So expect an increase in the number of paid government agents attacking other young people simply because they do not sing the praises of government. They are doing a paid job. May God help Nigeria.


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