Behold the Igede amazon who’ll be Benue Governor in 2019

By James Ibechi

Are you often times frustrated with politics because you feel as though politicians do not reflect your views? That may be because you keep electing the same type of people over and over again to represent you.
Evangelist (Mrs.) Eunice Agwu has come out challenging you to do it differently this time and behold a new thing that will result.
Mrs. Agwu is one woman – in fact, she is the new ‘lovely girl’ on the block – who has hardly made her presence on IgedeWorldWide or Benue Family felt, let alone using the new media which has now become a potent platform that politicians employ to get themselves known and connected to the electorate.
But the exigency of the need for the evangelist who is in the race to becoming first Benue deputy governor of Igede origin, if not the first female deputy governor in the entire state, has made it imperative for her to come online.
And she has since joined the ship been seeking the support of the entire Igede people and of course the Benue people both at home and in the Diaspora, to rally to her political ambition.
The woman who is described by thousands of her fans, particul arly of Igede and Tiv extractions, as an amazon, approached yours sincerely underscoring the importance of Facebook to her aspiration to become the first female Governor of Benue State in 2019. But first, starting with her becoming a deputy governor under Pastor Samuel Gar, who looks to win the 2015 gubernatorial election in the state.
Pastor Gar, a Minda, Tiv Christian tough-speaking cleric, is contesting the Benue 2015 governorship under the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and has her Igede running-mate in the person of the Amazon, Mrs Agwu.
Mrs Agwu and her principal are seeking your votes to enable her put the Igede people and their land on the path of leveling up with Tiv and Idoma, in terms of development, as one of the three dominant ethnic groups in the state.
Such a pledge by the deputy governorship candidate, to address the marginalization of the Igede people, has not come as a surprise. There have been agitations over perceived functional marginalization of the Igedes in the socio-political and economic distribution both in the state and at the federal level, by the two dominant tribes in the state – Tiv and Idoma.
The marginalization of Igede people, according to Mrs. Agwu,image has become more evident in the build up to the 2015 election, where, for example, neither the APC nor the ruling party, PDP, has considered it necessary to give either a governorship or deputy governor slot to any Igede politician. Yet, the parties expect a block vote from Igede if any of them should win the exalted state seat.
Mrs. Eunice, therefore, is in the race though as a running mate, yet to address the marginalization against Igede people by the dominant tribes in Benue politics, as well as to end gender discrimination in the polity and bring empowerment to women and, about rapid development of the state.
She is particularly seeking the support of Madam (Mrs) Patricia Kupchi, Mrs. Comfort Okpenge- Ona, Mrs Patience Ekonyohe Daniel-, Kate Ogah, Mr. Ade Joseph Otor, Mr. Andyson Iji Egbodo, Hon. Bright Igodo Ogaji, Chief Ochi Ode Emmanuel, Mr. Okwe Ogah, Mr. Clement Onaa, Olaje Potency Michael, Mr. Amity Ijuo, and a host of other Igede people with or without presence on the social media, to help propagate the message of liberation of Igede people and by extension Benue state from backwardness to a new day when leaders will lead with the fear of the almighty God.
Mrs Agwu will be formally unveiled by THE ELECTABLES team shortly. Meanwhile, you can leave your comments here.
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Ogbu Moses, Ben Onwe, Agbike St Andrew and 4 others like this.

Eriba Egboja Carry go Evangelist
February 19 at 6:02pm · Like

Jackson Ogah U have my total support.
February 19 at 6:59pm · Like

Agbo Odubia Peters Even if we knw too wel dt her party can nt win d electn, I am urgin d entire Igede ppl 2 vote 4 her enmas as a protest against d marginalizatn n non featuring of an Igede person in d gubernatorial race. Dis only wil tel d oda ethnic groups hw serious we ar n dey wil try nt 2 push us 2 d wall in future.votin 4 any oda prty in d gubernatorial electn wil indic8t dt we lov bin marginaliz
February 19 at 7:47pm · Unlike · 2

Doris Eru Foga hmmmmm interesting
February 19 at 9:27pm · Unlike · 1

Julius Oboh That’s right
February 20 at 2:38pm · Like
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