My blog, comments, posts, etc, move here

My blog, comments, posts, etc, move home

Readers will know that I have re-launched my own blog site, JAMES IBECHI, and its first online publishing venture. You can now find my blog by going to, and in due course, you can download electronic books that I have published so far, including my own memoir ‘Truth Time’ from the same site that I hope to upgrade to accommodate commercials.

In few weeks, I hope to expand the blog site to a fully customised website that will enable me feature weekly at-least one investigated story bothering on IGEDE CHILD and general developmental issues of the community.

When fully operational, the blog will have four sections: Big Media, where you can find my work which has been published in other publications; Unbound, which consists of my own blog posts; Electric Current, which includes special features about James Ibechi media works and Buzz, which consists of media reviews and comment about my articles, the books and my work.

One bonus I think you will particularly enjoy there is an exclusive video interview I conducted recently with President Goodluck Jonathan. I have also in my information bank, a transcript of interviews I conducted with Gen. Mohammad Buhari in the build up to the 2011 presidential election.

You can access this enhanced blog by going to I am also opening this blog to readers’ comments, which will be pre-moderated.

Now that the new blog is up and running, I shall no longer be posting all the time fresh items on this page. But I will not quit following others’ postings and comments here.

The new blog is going to have a number of exciting features and I hope you will enjoy it in its new home.


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