Adagba/APC drags Ona, INEC to tribunal


Adoga Ona, PDP


Sunday Adagba, APC

There is palpable uncertainty over the Victory of Dr. Ona Adoga in the just conducted poll for the Oju 1 state constituency of the Benue State House of Assembly, even as a story is making the rounds that the win may be overturned by a law court or election tribunal.

Already the Benue State House of Assembly candidate for the Oju 1 state constituency for All Progressives Congress (APC) Dr. Sunday Adagba, has dragged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Dr. Adoga Ona, before the election petition tribunal challenging the result of the April 11 election which produced Dr. Ona as the winner.

Dr. Adagba who alleged a falsification of result from a polling unit in Oye/Oboru council ward, went to the tribunal with a crack team of 12 lawyers who were said to be sympathetic to APC cause, led by popular human right lawyer Barr. Peter Ocha Ulegede.

Dr. Ona was declared winner of the election with a pantry 68 vote margin over Dr. Adagba of the APC by INEC.

Following the allegation that the INEC’ s presiding officer in control of the unit played brazen loyalty to the PDP powers that be and deliberately created room for inflation of figures, there was palpable tension and youths of the APC became restive.

But, it was learnt that The APC elders and lawyers intent on going to the tribunal and court appealed for calm and doused the tension.


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