Continuing relevance of David Mark in Benue’s affairs?


Dear James Ibechi

By anonymous writer

I watch with growing consternation the negative triumphalism that is creeping into our people. The sneers, snickering and jeers directed David Mark’s way. It is un Idoma to do so and I urge everyone to stop it. We as we were brought up to do must continue to respect one of our great ones. He has his failings quite alright but he is still our own. We cannot therefore be quick to make him bite the dust. It won’t and can never work to our advantage.

As of this very moment the fate of Benue hangs in the balance. The feel goodness between the Tiv and the Idoma is at an apogee. It is like air encapsulated in a balloon which takes a prick from the needle to escape. It is either we build on this or we resile back to our old ways. The only person that has the wherewithal or the capability to do this is our Distinguished Senator David Mark. He has a great role to play in unifying Benue. It is foolhardy to count him out just yet.

This is what he could do. He must fight to become the Minority leader in the Senate and at the same time use that position to garner support for the Senatorial President ambitions of the Distinguished Senator Akume from the large body of PDP senators that are being returned to the Senate. For if it happened that it can be said he is responsible for the Distinguished Senator Akume inability to become the Senate President, then it becomes the trope in Benue state, that we are here to stand in each other’s way, instead of helping ourselves along. It is a bitter pill. Yes. But it is one we have to swallow for the sake of unity. As I have said elsewhere, I would rather a fellow Benue citizen has it than for a complete stranger to take it. I would rather the Tiv, who is my natural neighbour prosper than to take that prosperity elsewhere. It is illogical to think otherwise. To win we must stoop to conquer. Senator Akume on this part must bring his considerable influence to bear to ensure that the post of the speaker of the Benue State House of Assembly is zoned exclusively to Zone C this time. This is the right thing to do for the sake of unity and a prosperous Benue.

I therefore call on our Distinguished Senator David Mark, to become the child of destiny he is, by rising above himself and become the statesman who unified Benue State even when it went against his personal interest. The aim is to erase our suspicion and as a way forward towards coexistence in this Benue state of ours.


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