Man who trekked from Lagos to Abuja ‘cos of Buhari given heroic welcome

imageSince the dawn of this era, the only stories I have heard of men embarking on long distance journeys on foot were of Ogor Dommy, an ex-soldier who trekked from Makurdi to Oju LGA. His precise destination was Ega Okileme. His was as a result of inability to raise T-fare, a shortened form of transport fare. So, he left MKD on that day and arrived Oju around 9pm same day. That was in the 90s. A similar story was that of an inlaw of mine, who travelled with a motorcycle from Kaduna to Igede in two days. I do not have enough substance of this storyline. But it was true. I knew the man in person, though he’s now late. These were all the stories I have so far heard.

Besides this, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma once threatened to embark on self-imposed exile if Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo failed to clinch the presidency seat in ’99. Even at that, he wasn’t planning to do so by trekking abroad.

So, what is in a diehard follower’s mind to set a near impossible task of trekking from Lagos to Abuja because of Buhari’s victory for himself? An Igboman would say, how much will Buhari give him? But thank God, the man’s name doesn’t suggest that he is an Igbo. And I guess the man would have answered that an Igbo is an Igbo. An Hausa is an Hausa. You see the difference, folks.

Whatever, I am sure the man’s name must have entered the Guinness Book of Record.

Leadership carries the story and I have culled it in here for the benefit of our readers.


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