Stunning congratulatory piece by Barr. Etukwu Ona, APC candidate for NASS poll in Benue


Barr. Etukwu Ona

Among the things this website — still under construction — sets out to do is to uphold and emphasize truth while the lies and deceits that our leaders have been selling as dummies to the gullible in our communities over the years become the subjects of attacks.

Here is a heart-throbbing congratulatory piece by Barr. Etukwu Ona, as shared to IWW and reproduced on, for further spread because it merits our site’s content.

Barr. Etukwu Ona was APC’s candidate in the Oju/Obi federal constituency election in the 2015 general elections. Going by the nation’s electoral body, INEC’s result, Hon. Samson Okwu of the PDP floored Barr. Ona, but it was gathered that Barr. Ona has gone to the Election Petitions Tribunal challenging the results of the election.

My dear friends, today I write to congratulate you for supporting a very successful election for our party APC. The Benue State Governor elect has recognized Igede people as true friends and trusted partner for change. Our people voted APC to reject impunity in governance, to reject the calamitous looting of our treasury and the debasing of the moral fabrics of our society by PDP. We have elected honesty in place of cheating, and thieves will not be honoured in our society anymore.

In my earlier post I emphasized the importance of Igede Votes and the need to form the right political alliance. The outcome of the election has vindicated my assertion that our old alliance was a sure road to perdition. Igede people of all political persuasions can rejoice in the part they played in changing the course of our history. We refused to be subjugated under PDP’s pressures, we stood our grounds and we have invoked the warrior spirit of our ancestors to chart a new political course for the future. Our people voted in their majority for a political partnership with Benue North and rejected the deception from Benue South. When the history of Igede political evolution is told, I will be proud of the part that we have played in shaping the argument for a change of direction. Ours is a conviction that “there is such a thing as right and wrong” and that our nation under PDP was on the wrong trajectory. I am proud to be an Igede person and even more proud with the decision of the majority of our people to vote APC for change. Obviously, a cross section of our people voted for PDP but their voting pattern is not a statistical aberration, such behaviour is to be expected in any normal distribution of a population.

There was a time when our youths were educated with such noble philosophy that honesty is the best policy. Under Jonathan’s PDP the moral fabric of our society had disintegrated to such a point that nothing is sacred to the criminal minded. Some of our noble religious institutions are now houses of fraud, but all that will change. The greatest legacy BUHARI will leave for Nigerians is “the rebasing of its societal morals”. Buhari has affirmed the old adage that honesty is the best policy and I urge our youths to make his character their role model. Our youths should reject the behaviour of note-able characters like Nuhu Ribadu and Fani-Kayode. They have both found themselves in a political no man’s land; they abandoned their long held principles for short term gratification and have ended up big losers. The moral of the story today is that the honest man only needs to remain honest long enough to get his turn in government.

Nationally there will be major changes but for Igede people things will not be changing in the right direction for us in the immediate aftermath of APC’s ascension to government. Our experienced State House of Assembly members will be in the minority party under an APC governor. We as a people cannot realistically expect much from them, they could not deliver any meaningful project when they were in the Majority party so they will be mute. Our argument for change is a labour of love for our fatherland, we seek no personal gratification but a platform to inspire and lift our people from the ignominious bane of poverty. Whilst our campaign may have suffered a setback from the Uwokwu and Ainu debacle, we can assure our people today that we will not rest until justice is done. Our people have been grossly wronged and we have taken the steps towards restitution. Justice will be done and Igede will be represented, we shall not be the invisible ghost in Nigeria. IGEDE AGBA!

Thank you and God bless you all!


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