The implications of Ortom’s victory for Sen. Akume, by Ade Joseph Otor


Sen. George Akume

  As I congratulate the duo of Sen. George Akume and Dr.Samuel Ortom on their electoral victories at the just conducted general elections, I find it most important to commend the personality attritutes of Sen. George Akume.
These attributes of generosity, altruism, communalism and humility have graciously endeared him to his countless, numerous supporters and admirers. His uncommon temperance or temperament of being unruffled and inexhaustive in deep crises and challenging situations is worth being emulated by the youths.
Sen.George Akume lives for the people and, freely mixes with people, irrrespective of thier social strata. His gentle mien is disarming. I was shocked to meet him recently in a very low prrofile wedding at Government Model Secondary School, Makurdi.
Importantly, Dr. Samuel Ortom owes much thanks and gratitude to a man through whom God has sent him a ladder to ascend the high realms of life. That man is Sen. Akume. I have severally heard testimonies of Dr. Ortom of how providence took him from grass to grace. I will see Akume as a link between Dr. Ortom and Dr. Ortom’s God. Sen. Akume also helped Ortom with an alternative platform for actualising his vision.That man, Akume must be Ortom’s angel.
In the heat of the strained relationship between Sen. Akume and Dr. Gabriel Torwua Suswan, Dr. Ortom managed his relationship between the duo with prudence and caution. He made several efforts at reconciling the differences between the key actors. As a Minister in a PDP government who knew the limits of his political fraternity with his original boss whom the wind of politics has taken to ACN, he was cautious. Of course, Ortom will have to tell us how he managed such unparalled ends along the vertical and horizontal points.
When the Ortom’s governorship inundated us, many political observers had clearly pre-empted an integrating factor between Sen.George Akume and Rt. Hon. Gabriel Torwua Suswan. It was thought that both personalities will give into Ortom’s candidacy as a way of softening and tightening the loose ends. That an Ortom of PDP will decimate an opposing candidate from the APC.
By circumstances of fate, God reconnected Dr. Ortom with his boss, Sen. Akume. In an unpretencious manner, the campaign was prosecuted with Dr. Ortom truly asserting his real personality,reservations and convictions. He did this in a way he couldn’t have done in the PDP. It makes sense to argue that the seemingly or the mitigated disconnection from the Akume of APC has greatly limited the Ortom of PDP.
When Sen. Akume defected to the ACN in the face of a well orchestrated plan to frustrate his re-election bid, his political horizon keeps widening and, by his personality trait, he keeps consolidating his political empire and followership. Akume has survived all plots and schemes to cage him in Benue politics. An Hon.Terngu Tsegba could not stop him. Mike Mku could not cage him. He is simply an enigma that operates outside the known limitations of power.
When the Tarzoor’s governorship quest was made known, many observers had expressed the implications of its success on Sen. Akume’s political strongholds in Benue. Some persons noted that Tarzoor from Zone B, after completing his eight-year tenure as governor, may take a shot at the Senate.That way, he should be contending with Sen. Akume and that, with power of incubency,Tarzoor will pull the strings off Akume. Of course, except Sen. Akume is taking a shot at the Presidency, he may not be leaving the Senate in a hurry.
Be that as it may,’The Man Wey Sabi’ could not survive the Tsunami, thereby vitiating all predictions of doom to Akume’s empire. Rather, with the emergence of Dr.Ortom, Akume’s empire has become more enlivened, reinvigorated and enlarged. With this development, therefore, Sen. Akume has no near force to pull him down. Moreso, with the coming reality of Akume’s Senate Presidency, he remains the prime factor that holds the ace in Benue politics.
Let’s see as the re-connection of His Excellency, Dr Samuel Ortom, the Governor-elect with his boss, Sen. Akume, trickles down with benefits on the Benue populace. I can’t see an over ambitious Ortom disparaging his boss as he knows too well the Greene’s first law of power: do not outshine your boss.



*Ade Joseph Otor, former Governor Gabriel Suswam’s aide on Tourism, is presently of the Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi. He’s also a public affairs commentator and political spectator.


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