Man, 34, plans trekking from Abuja to Makurdi after the order of Hashim

OrtomAfter the now famous Suleiman Hashim, a man who reportedly trekked from Lagos to Abuja in 19 days because of the triumphant outing of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari of APC in the 2015 presidential election, another man called Desmond Shija, wants to trek from Abuja to Makurdi over the victory of Chief Samuel Ortom also of APC in the Benue State governorship poll.

Shija, 34, who, It was learnt, claimed to be an Abuja-based businessman from Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State, disclosed his intention to embark on the trekking mission when he visited Media Trust headquarters yesterday in Abuja.

In the report, Shija said though he was shocked when he learnt in the media of a man trekking from Lagos to Abuja in respect of Buhari’s victory, after he had planned such.

Shija, an electronic dealer said: “In fact, I have planned the trek before the election, until when I saw somebody was doing it.”
He said he was motivated to plan the trekking because of the bad governance of the PDP-led administration in Benue State alleging that the PDP government has frustrated the people especially civil servants without salaries for one year


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