David Mark’s visit to Buhari wild goose chase, says Dan. Onjeh


Senate President David Mark’s rival in 2015 general elections, Comrade Daniel Onjeh of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who lost the Benue South Senatorial District to Mark of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says Mark’s visit to President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday is inconsequential to the dispute over his claimed victory.

“This visit cannot subvert or change the cause of justice,” he said in a press statement. “I won the election fair and square and I am confident of reclaiming my mandate at the Tribunal.”

He said of the reception accorded the outgoing Senate President that Buhari was only demonstrating the strong virtues of a leader in receiving Mark as the Senate President rather than on what he called Mark’s yet-to-be-sworn-in “stolen mandate” of Benue South.

“He was not received as a Senator of the 8th Senate but as a Senator of the outgoing 7th Senate,” Onjeh said.

He further stated that sincerity was lacking in the visit to the President-Elect.

“This is obvious by not carrying the people of Benue South along with him on the visit,” the former president of the National Association of Nigerian Students stated.

He said: “It is a visit laden with sinister and selfish motive. In any case, Mark could not have carried the people of Benue South along because of the kind of campaign he engaged in.”

Onjeh pointed out that while he was campaigning vigorously for Buhari’s election, Mark himself was campaigning on frivolities rather than issues, using religion to deceive the people of Benue South, noting in that connection that it was in Mark’s presence at one of the PDP rallies in Benue South that Governor Gabriel Suswam accused Buhari of being a Muslim fanatic and Boko Haram sponsor, without the Senate President cautioning the governor.

“Mark is the greatest enemy of democracy yet its greatest beneficiary,” Onjeh said.

“He has been severally fingered in the annulment of the June, 12, 1993, election yet he is the highest beneficiary, serving as Senate President for an unprecedented eight years. He is also an enemy of the masses. As a Communication Minister, he said telephone was not meant for the poor,” Onjeh averred.

He stressed that whatever Mark’s permutations are, he will fail woefully this time around.

He has declared the polls which led to Mark’s victory as having been marred by irregularities, ballot snatching and manipulation of figures, and specifically calling for cancellation of the contest in Agatu and Otukpo Local Government Areas.

According to him, no accreditation of voters was even done in Agatu, but Mark was declared the winner there.


One thought on “David Mark’s visit to Buhari wild goose chase, says Dan. Onjeh

  1. It’s too late to cry wolf,not going to the senate now won’t make any difference for Mark, after all he is going as a bench warmer


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