The change Nigerians need, by Etunke Emmanuelmary


The word CHANGE has been a word that majority of Nigerians have taken to the nook and cranny of the society when the All Progressives Congress, APC, began its campaign against the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Literally, it can be seen as a way to make or become different; alter; to convert or to transform.

According to some great sociologists, and a conventional understanding, change is the only permanent thing in life. This, therefore, requires that all human beings must adapt and be instrument of change.

The APC has won the election with her dictum of CHANGE (‘chengi’ as some may say) hence the need for what change entails. Buhari is an individual who has limitations as any other human being. We know his pedigree and worth. His success at the top will strongly depen on our effort from the grassroots and at individual level. We should not only see ourselves as providers of an instrument (Buhari) of change but as advocates of change. We are expected to be instruments of change as St. Francis of Asisi ones said ‘ Lord, make me an instrument of peace.

I always stand to debunk one song of a Nigerian artiste, Timaya who said, ‘ …..even though i shit for my nika eh e no concern you eh’. It concerns me because even though it is not my short nika at least the odour go make me uncomfortable.

We should also understand that those elected under the platform of APC are still same players from the same team (PDP) who only use different jersies in different football match. We can only expect change when we ourselves are changed. We should work hard to balance our attitude with our knowledge.

If you are a thief, CHANGE. If you give and take bribe, CHANGE. If you facilitate any form of malpractice, CHANGE. If you violate traffic signs, CHANGE. If you dont pay NEPA bill, CHANGE. If you always play truancy at your duty post, CHANGE. If you are a drunk or womanizer, CHANGE. If you are not sincere with your boss, CHANGE. If you violate environmental laws, CHANGE. If you are not sincere to your spouse, CHANGE. If you like cutting corners, CHANGE. If you are not sincere with the religion you practice, CHANGE. If you are greedy, CHANGE. This is what CHANGE entails and what Buhari needs from us as Nigerians.



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