Promo: The H & W of PDP failure in Benue state unearthed; keep a date!

Truth is the foundation of journalism and the society’s welbeing. As such, we cannot afford to profess ourselves to hold the light but shy away from telling the truth that the soiety needs to get out of its wood, just because interests must not be compromised. If anything, the abysmal performance of the Governor of Benue State in the last four years of his eight-year reign, the near strangulation of the local government as the third tier of government,  among other tales of woes, all during the second term of the outgoing governor, among other problems of Benue as a state, are enough causes not to shy away from telling the truth in its raw form, unprocessed, undiluted. So that the light will shine enough even for the blind and the gullible to see clearly how the leaders they defy, sometime, the scotching sun to queue to vote for, violate them when they get to power.

Welll, for us at, we’ll be keeping to our pledge to unearth the reasons beneath the surface events, by premiering our investigative reports tomorrow.

We dug deep into the failure of the PDP to win the 2015 guber poll among other heartbreaking stories of the party’s primary election in Igede, Tiv and Idoma speaking areas of the state that precipitated the grounds for the APC’s takeover in the state. Watch out.


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