Politics of Igede SSG, deputy speaker demand: a call for caution, by Ade Joseph Otor


Igede people since the 2015 general elections were concluded have been caught in throes of agitation for a sharing formulae that would balance power, not only among the ethnics that make up the state, but also specifically among the dominant tribes of Igede, Tiv and Idoma; and especially among the LGAs that made the lion contribution to the successful dethronement of the behemoth called the PDP and the enthronement of the opposition governorship, the APC. But even at that, the PDP still has a huge control of the coming 8th session of the State Assembly, which means whichever side of the divide Oju and Obi fall into, the stake is high as much as the opportunity to seek better positions or placement other than mere commissioners for Igede nation. The agitations so far have become polarized along selfish interests of political groups to the detriment of the collective interest of the Igede nation. ADE JOSEPH OTOR in this analysis takes a proactive step, cautions on the dangerous politics of the demand for SSG and deputy speaker at the same time.

In a most predictive and analytical article in December 2014, this writer exposed the impending politics and intrigues in Igede body polity, all in the quest of either of the two positions or for the two positions. Just in February this year too, yours faithfully also wrote a piece piercing the hearts of so many politicians as he dared the gods of politics by mentioning names of suitable candidates for both the SSG and the Deputy Speaker.

An analysis was made placing Hon. Adoga Ona ahead of all other PDP candidates for the Deputy Speaker (if they win).

On the other hand, names like Dr.Iba Omenka, Dr.Isaac Egboja, Barr. Jaco Ajene, Dr.Jonah Ogbaji, Mr.Augustine Odey, Mr Edwin Omirigbe, etc were mentioned from both the PDP and APC circles for the position of the SSG.

Culminating from the general elections that the PDP was given a devastating blow, the elimination method
would have ordinarily reduced or streamlined my list of suitable individuals.

Be that as it may, that PDP commands the majority of 15 members in the State Assembly, calls for new
dimensions of thoughts and reflections.

It is no news that APC has promised the Igede Nation the slot of SSG. Among other things too, the Igede people are also demanding a ministerial slot.

From my investigation, it is still a truism that APC is genuinely disposed to an SSG of Igede extraction. It is also pertinent to note that the PDP still banking on the majoritarian dominance of the House is promising the Igede people of the Deputy Speaker. By now, you must have situated the kernel or the crux of this article as the Igede political class is faced with a two-party options: Deputy Speaker and SSG. Which way do we go?

I can recall stating in one of my write-ups that a class of Igede politicians is more interested in Commissioners’ slots for Oju and Obi LGCs instead of the agitations for either the SSG or DS. The fact is that not everybody that is qualified for a Commissioner qualifies for an SSG.This postulation explains some other developments in the polity now.You may have known that a LG that produces an SSG is not given a Commissioner.

Faced with the above situation which is aggravated by party patronage,we must be cautious as a people. Without hesitation, let me put it straight. It will be a blunder for any sane and patriotic Igede man to support any quest for a Deputy Speaker as against the crave for an SSG. It is clear that the Igede people may not have the two slots at a go.

Importantly,i have cautioned my friends in PDP not to depend on its House majority. That majority can be a facade at the moment. It seems to me that PDP lacks the internal discipline at the moment to sanction any member that votes against its interest in the House. I have also advised my friends in APC that the APC government at the state should be made to hurriedly announce the nominee of Igede extraction for the SSG before the House is prorogued on the 5th of June. That way, if PDP forms the House and goes ahead to give us the Deputy Speaker, HALLELUJAH to the gods of Igede politics…You can see my childish thoughts all occasioned by Igede nationalism.

Sincerely, if we play fast and manage the two ends well,we can appropraite the gains of wit. Be that as it may, it will be a tall dream for Igede to have both the SSG and the Deputy Speaker in a State like Benue where the Tivs share the benefits of government among kindreds and the Idomas have invented a newer methodology of sharing across the four(4) Federal Constituencies as against the older method of sharing along the 3 Old LGs of Old Oju, Old Otukpo and old Okpokwu. What will be given to Ado or Apa-Agatu?

We must not allow the Tobias and Samballats among us to fall the erected walls or distract us from building on that wall. Let it be re-emphasised; in a one choice situation, Igede will be better served with an SSG.The benefits are many.

God bless Igede Nation. Amen!


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