Drama as election winner sues INEC, opponent in Oju 1 state constituency

Barring any contrary development between the day the winner of the just conducted election for Oju 1 State Constituency, Hon. Adoga Ona obtained his return certificate and the time of filling in this report, the lawmaker expectedly should be in court or tribunal.

It is not that Hon. Ona would be in court or tribunal to honour an earlier summon by his rival in the election, Dr. Sunday Adagba of the All Progressives Congress, but it is a case of a drama where the winner of the election has rather become the complainant.

Despite the fact that he won the election, Dr. Ona of the Peoples Democratic Party told his supporters shortly after he collected his certificate of return from INEC recently that he would sue the electoral body joined also by Adagba in one suit over the cancellation of results of the elections in parts of the constituency where electoral frauds were alleged.

Subsequently, information reaching http://www.jamesibechi,wordpress.com had it that the Benue state lawmaker seeking second term of office after winning the tightly contested April 11 poll with a pantry 68 votes above Adagba’s of the APC has finally sued INEC and APC to court.

Efforts made to get the lawmaker to speak on the matter proved abortive, whereas Dr. Adagba who consented to speaking to the press did not, however, confirm in affirmative whether or not he was sued alongside INEC by the lawmaker. Neither did he deny it.

Our investigations reveal that INEC had cancelled the results of elections in Andibilla, Oyirigwe and Epwa Ibilla on grounds of non-use of card reader machine, ballot stuffing and general massive riggings of the poll especially in Epwa Ibilla.

Subsequently, many people have been expressing surprise how both the loser and the winner of the election have become both petitioners.

But political observers say there could be more to Dr. Adoga’s action than meet the eye, even as some say the lawmaker is jittery that Dr. Adagba who had earlier petitioned Election Petitions Tribunal against him and INEC may win.

Also, there are conjectures that the lawmaker had shown through his body language that the paltry 68 votes did not give him a comfortable win and just anything can happen at the tribunal, which is why he is suing to have his Swing Epwa Ibilla votes to add up.


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