COMING SOON: Amb. Ochi Ode Emmanuel thumbs down Gov. Suswam’s performance status

* Proffers solutions to Benue stunted development

*Wants Ortom to revive agro- allied industries

imageChief (Amb) Ochi Ode Emmanuel has become one of the greatest newsmakers in recent times. This follows his emergence recently as the Chairman of the Middle Belt Traditional Council (MBTC) in the South West, a non-political organization which exists for the interest of all the indigenes of the middle belt region resident in the south west states of Nigeria.

His office has become a beehive of activities as different middle belt groups, even people on political related mission as well as news-hounds from media organizations scouting for news from credible sources keep going to and coming from his business office situated along Osolo Road, Ajao, Lagos.

So yesterday yours sincerely and his colleagues from some national dailies had yet another opportunity to interface again with this Ibilla, Igede-born Benue High Chief, Oji Kpururu 1, in a rare session in which the highly respected Integrity Ambassador and Managing Director of the Dominion Global Logistics, a fast moving forwarding and clearing and shipping organization headquartered in Lagos, critically examined Nigeria as a nation state under the near 16-year ruler-ship of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He x-rayed the Federal Govt; the State and Benue under Gov Gabriel Suswam in particular as well as the factors in the failure of the PDP and the enthronement of opposition’s Samuel Ortom in Benue, coming to a sincere near conclusion that, under the PDP Nigeria was truly in the brink of death in all ramifications of the word; nothing worked.

He lamented deceit, impunity and lies that have been a defining character of anything PDP, advocating one tenure as best for Nigerian democracy. He also touched a number of other topical issues and proffered solutions meant particularly for Ortom’s consumption.

You’ll be served the full excerpts of the interview in this news portal but first I have to process it. It is compelling. So, watch out.


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