Evidence of a deficient self-image, by Terzungwe Inja

Those who are confident of themselves do not need to rub their power on other people’s faces. Power is not powder. As Ps Godman Akinlabi would put it, the most powerful people in the world are addressed by their first names, and they have no problem with that because they know who they are. Their names don’t need ‘crutches’ to stand.

Now take note, anytime you meet someone who insists that titles must be added to their names; be aware, they need psychological help! It’s the first symptom of a deficient self image! So do not be angry when you hear them brag and/or make statements like “Do you know who I am?” Don’t reply back, because if you tell them,
“Yes I know, you are a sick man/woman”, you are on your own! (LOL).
10363716_648754875172960_2803106406756933223_n_004Just know that they need help and manage the situation as much as you can. It would not look nice if a sane person like you is seen haggling with a psycho.

Unfortunately, instead of being kept where they can get help, most of these sick people occupy powerful positions in our land where they abuse others on a daily basis!

Now, how do you spot them! This is one way,
when someone insists that the following titles be added to their names:-
Doctor, Professor, Alhaji, Pastor, Engineer, Jerusalem Pilgrim (JP), Chief, Evangelist, etc.

In a twisted mind, these are not just ‘titles’ they are status indicators, a kind of licence to trample on others rights! With such a title they believe they can jump queues, traffic, protocols, and even loot our commonwealth. But of course we all know that titles ain’t status, they are mere crutches in hands of people with a crippled self image!

I don’t need a damn crutch to sustain my name, that is why I am always very comfortable when people call me ‘Terzungwe’. I don’t need a crutchy title to prop up my ego, cos I know who I am. By the blood of Jesus, I am great. That’s all I am, keep your titles!

(Inspired by Ps Godman Akinlabi’s talk, “Recipes for Greatness”).



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