APC’s spoils of war will not be shared with impostors, charlatans, says Etukwu Ona

In the perking order of time, there was a stage in the Nigerian political development when standards of behaviour were upheld to which all would aspire and by which they would be judged. 

imageSobriety, ideology, principle, discipline, hard work and abiding by the rule were all held to be vital for civilising not only the politicians but all the indigenes. That was the time the TBs, the Ziks, the Awos, etc, of Nigeria lived. Unfortunately, not that that time has gone, but it is that the majority of Nigerian politicians these days are bereft of the ideology that stood the likes of Awo, Zik out as political juggernauts of their time. You would never get to read or hear that Awo dumped UPN for NPN because UPN lost to NPN, neither would ZIK of Africa do such a thing. No, the like of Awo, Tinubu, Ogbe, are thoroughbred democrats and politicians, who would do no such things let alone crossing to the other party, because of bandwagon effect, and begin to jostle for plum appointments with the original owner of the APC. Unfortunately, such is the shameful case with Igede PDP members who have wasted no time to flood the APC and constituting a nuisance to the opposition party since PDP was trounced both at the national and state level in the just conducted general elections. But the reason for this is first the loss of the sense of shame on the part of PdP political hawkish. But Bar. Etukwu Ona in this piece frowns  on the development in Igede APC.

Inglorious delegates

My dear friends! Greetings to you and thanks forreading my post today. It’s a season of politics and I have chosen a path that silence on issues of strategic interest to our fatherland is not an option for me. Our campaign called for a change both in personnel and our approach to politics in Igedeland. We recounted the heroic military exploits of our ancestors and impressed upon our youths to emulate the warrior spirit of our ancestors in tackling the challenges facing our people in the 21st Century Nigeria. Ours is a movement that is totally determined to effect changes that will usher quality representation of our people at the ward, state and national levels.

Quality and capacity of candidates

The success of our party APC in Benue State will undoubtedly result in changes at the senior levels of Benue State government. Igede nation will be presented with the opportunity to nominate candidates that may be considered suitable for roles in the all- inclusive APC government. My attention is drawn to the plethora of groups scheming for roles and purporting to represent Igede interest. Whilst, it’s perfectly legitimate for ambitious Igede sons and daughters to seek employment from the government or the private sector. I am minded to remind them that there is a new paradigm in how the candidate representing Igede interest will be nominated. It will be based purely on merit, competence and the capacity to affect the kind of change we can believe in. I will implore those seeking senior appointments not to forget that APC’s victory was hard fought and the spoils of war will not be shared with imposters and the charlatans. Some of the deluded guys parading themselves today as APC stalwarts were not party members before the election; they called us mavericks and dreamers for daring to challenge the status-quo. I am not advocating for a one-party Igede nation but those who were in PDP before the election should not expect to enter into a marriage of convenience with APC simply because they were defeated. It’s medicine after death, it won’t work!

Season’s valets

Some of our people can best be described as seasoned valets for our political partners. Our movement for change demands that our candidates for any political office should be a man or woman that is fit and proper. Igede nation demand that our appointed sons and daughters be good ambassadors for our nation and not characters that will offer valeting services to their counter-parts. Our ambassadors should stand tall and hold their heads high, they should not be waiting tables or washing cars for their colleagues either in the state cabinet or elsewhere in government. I have heard people talk about certain positions and the demand on Benue State government for an affirmative action; do we seriously think that key positions will be ceded to us as a gift and to allow the Benue State to drift? We should aim to occupy positions where our skills and competency will be put to optimum use and not to make reckless demands on the new government in waiting. Let’s not forget, politics is a game of numbers and our total contribution of votes to APC’s victory is on records for everyone to see at 24,734. It’s hardly an inspiring number, only a mere psychological victory over PDP in Igedeland.

Right of first refusal
The governor-elect is aware of the key Igede people who fought the PDP behemoth in the trenches and represent genuine partners for change. Those people who were with us prior to the election will have the right of first refusal for any political office that is ceded to our fatherland. The seasoned valets will not have a look-in!


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