‘ Why I married Lara Fortes’

It was a glamorous event when Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, on Monday, wedded his heartthrob, former Miss Lara Fortes, a lawyer and top model from the Cape Verde Islands.

Several top Nigerian politicians and businessmen including General Buhari, VP-elect, Osinbajo and his wife, Aliko Dangote and more attended the ceremony.

Oshiomhole described his wife as very “understanding, caring and a loving lady and also expressed joy with his family for the support given to him to remarry.

“This is something that one is happy about. I am also happy that I have friends across all political divide. The occasion reminds me that across all divides, we have friends and well-wishers.”

Describing his wife, Oshiomhole said: “She is very humble, she appreciates the nature of my job and life that I return home late, some times 3am. She understands my weaknesses, she is more or less the mother of the house, the one that has accepted to be the mother of my children.

“I am happy that all my children are at home with her and accept her as their mother even though she is not old enough to be their mother. She has accepted to fill that gap” he said.

The Comrade Governor by all standards is personable. No doubt about it. But when you place him in propinquity with former Miss Lara Fortes, his new wife, and assess their compatibility, as in, whether the couple will feel true bond of compatibility, is something else for tongues to wag about.

I say this because one looks very beautifully pretty while the other is an embodiment of facial ugliness. This is just a statement of fact. I am not saying there are no other things the couple saw beyond the anatomy. There are of course other considerations that factored in their union. For instance, ‘it’s not good that a man should be alone,” goes a saying. For, we have always known that the governor had remained without a wife for some time following the loss of his wife. There was certainly a societal need for him to remarry.

What, however, repels my eyes when I look at the couple in their wedding photos is the unmatched anatomies on display. The man, for me, is undeniably too ugly for the liking of a beauty that Lara is. Besides, he looks too older on a kiss with her. But when money speaks, it sounds louder than you can compare the sound of a megaphone. For me, money power has sounded louder than any other factor in this marriage.


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