Jonathan, Suswam & cronies deserve maximum punishment, not forgivness

Pass the smelling salts, dear. Nigeria is having a collective fit of the vapours over the way President Goodluck Jonathan first asked for forgiveness, and followed suit by Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State.

Suswam much like his father minion, Jonathan (because these are leaders in a mundane pack that have held sway in the years of the caterpillar in Nigeria), during a church service on Sunday sought the forgiveness of the workers in the state.

Jonathan had previously asked that Nigerians should forgive him in case in the course of his leading he had stepped on toes, goofed or failed in the discharge of his presidential functions.

Mr. President, while begging for forgiveness the way he did, seemed not to be honest to himself. For what does not seem to occur to him is that, Nigerians have already established that his chapter in the history of Nigeria is a woeful failure in all ramifications of the words. What anybody could glean from his speech is that he’s unsure if he actually failed Nigerians or not. What’s difficult in calling a spade a spade? We’ve always known that any heart that truly seeks forgiveness must be a repentant one. This doesn’t seem to be the case with jonathan. Yet, this is not the kernel of this piece.

Be he Jonathan or Suswam who is seeking the people’s forgiveness for thier wilful misrule and for violating the masses whom they took an oath to better thier lives than they had met them when they were sworn into office, is not wrong.

By assessing their performances in the twilight of their dreaded adminstration and coming to know that they seriously flaundered and as such trying to show some contritions to really earn a pardon in the court of the people is neither bad in itself nor is it my worry. Without evaluation in this race of life, one would not know where to adjust things and make amend.

But the question is this, is there repentance at the grave? The time to do evaluation was during the heat of their leadership. There’s a dictum: make hay while the sun shines. Jonathan, Suswam and their minions turned deaf ears to public agony, hardship, outcry against the way they governed. They looted Nigeria dry. Suswam disdained workers and turned public and local government finances to personal fest while teachers, and all manners of workers roasted helplessly. Jonathan as the head of state gleefully watched while Suswam’s sleaze stank to high heaven.

These power-obsessed octopuses refused to hear the cry of the masses. Suswam, the section of the constitution that pegs the tenure of Govs and president at two only, was the only anathema to his wanting to continue to unleash his evils on the poor food basket of the nation state. This is apparent. The way he was prosecuting the guber election, showed that he was stopping at nothing to foist Tarzor on the state so he will continue to rule Benue from the backdoor after handing over but thanks to the forces of the state masses that overpowered him.

So, is it after he and Jonathan were similarly siezed by force in a warfront and not by surrendering to the forces of good, that he will now come to fool Nigerians making out to be truly remorseful for the deliberate havoc and retrogression they unleashed on us and asking for forgiveness?

Does it not touch sombody’s else sensibility other than mine? I think asking for forgiveness at the grave, for me, is an insult on the collective psyche of Nigerians and unacceptable.

Buhari and Ortom must apply pregmatism in dealing with these men sent by Lucifer himself to destroy. Laws must be allowed to take their courses with the intent to mete maximum punishment to them. By so doing, deterrent will be served to others.

James Ibechi,


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