A turning point for Igede, by Ogi John


Congratulations to Nigeria and Igede nation as a whole, as yesterday marked a great point and a dawn of a new era for the nation.

Igede nation over the years has been seen in Benue State as a minority tribe, reasons for such categorisation remain basically a function of humane population not necessarily capabilities.

But during the swearing in ceremony yesterday, it was officially re-emphasized that Igede nation has come of age and regardless of population should be accorded the status quo of a majority tribe in Benue State.

Consequently, all major interpretations during the inauguration ceremony were translated in Tiv, Igede and Idom languages as major tribes in Benue.

Governor Samuel Ortom during his speech, boldly categorized tribes in Benue and mentioned the minority tribes and also mentioned the major tribes which he called Tiv , Idoma and Igede.

Highlight to note is that the government of APC decided to run an inclusive government which is more advantageous than government of ethnic class divide.

Congrats to Igede people, no more minority status but majority tribe in Benue State. Thank you for not allowing oir colour and population define us.


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