Governors won’t steal LG funds again, says Buhari

“I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody”


President Mohammadu Buhari may have disappointed those believing that he would be a president of a particular group of people, when he declared in his inaugural speech yesterday that he would be a president of all Nigerians.

“I belong to everybody, I belong to nobody, was the way he put it, in a speech that gave clear details of where the nation would head in the next four years, but left much to guess work in terms of details.

However, one of the areas the President gave some details, was on the issue of Boko Haram, where he said that the Command structure in the prosecution of the war against the insurgents, which he acknowledged had become a thorn in the flesh of the country, arising from what he described as allowing a small fire to grow into a large fire, would be moved from Abuja to Maiduguri, the headquarters of the terrorists.

Describing them as a mindless and Godless group whose ideology was far from Islam, Buhari said that the rules of engagement in tackling the group would change drastically, promising to do all in his powers to bring back the kidnapped Chibok Girls, which has become the major face of the bestiality to the group.

Dwelling on the issue of corruption, another key leg of his government agenda, the President said the battle would not only be total, but extend to all facets of the Nigerian national life, adding that even though he was elected to work at the national level, his powers as the President of the country allowed him to look into the affairs of stages of government.

For this reason, he said the affairs of the states, especially how they related with the funds of the local governments would be monitored by him. “Abuja won’t close its eyes to the happenings in the states,” he said, adding that the gross corruption in the application of local government funds, would be checked.

The President decried a situation where more than $20billion was sunk into the power sector since 1999 but Nigerians were still left in a situation of debilitating darkness and misery.

However, he did not unfold immediate plans on how to tackle the problem, but said the details would be worked out later, adding that there was no way Nigeria would be left in its present state and expected to thrive.

While promising to reform the civil service and make it more effective and less corrupt, Buhari, enjoined the media to act with responsibility in line with its enormous powers.

He promised to tackle Nigeria’s problem head on, saying that even though they were enormous, they were not insurmountable.


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