My take on NASS leadership, by Okwe Ogah


American democratic system which we copy ours from is thriving because of the balance of forces between the two leading political parties. It is only in rear occasions that you see one party controlling both the Executive and the Legislature arms of over over there. This allows robust opposition to thrive thus allowing the arms of the government to perform their functions of check and balancing on each other.

Before the election, some of us nurtured this faint hope that the party that will control the NASS will be different from the party that will control the Executive arm of Government so that none of the arms of government will not go to sleep thus making the NASS a mere rubber stamp of the Executive. So when this did not happen, we were relieved that even though the ruling party has the higher number of members in the NASS, it was not an overwhelming majority where the ruling party will ram in their policies with out due diligence of critical scrutiny, analysis and examination.

So in as much as the process that threw up the current leaders of the NASS is less than desirable, especially in terms of party discipline, the ruling party should let things be. It is not as bad as they are painting the picture the picture to be. Nothing, absolutely nothing has gone amiss to warrant the hue and cry. (As a matter of fact, it is because of the way the ruling party is behaving that has given room for the opposition party to gloat because, those gloating are still in the minority with a position that can only function when the Oga is at home) They are still in the majority and can still implement their programs if at all they have any with the current men at the helms of affairs.

The people at the helm of affairs cannot stop, hinder, prevent or kill populist policies and executive bills that will be in the interest of the generality of the people if they are so sponsored as that will only only go to show who really the enemy of the people are.

The ruling party may need to be reminded that people that the Nigerian people will hold accountable to satisfactory performance or under performance is the APC spear headed by the the Executive arm. They need to be reminded that the PVC (permanent Voters’Card) that mortal enemy to non performance is still here with us. And it has the added advantage of not having an expiry date.

I can recall arguing during the electioneering campaign that even if it is only a symbolic change ( from one party to another) alone that we are able to achieve with the last election, it is a good starting point. At least a precedent has been set that a non-performing party can be dethroned unlike in the past where the ruling party thought they are potentate that can never be chased out of power.

They should therefore therefore put aside all bickering an settle down for a serious business of governance. PMB should know that a great number of people are looking up to him to deliver on the promise to bring a change. He should not allow anybody, I mean absolutely, anybody no matter their contribution to his victory to encumber him from performing. If he has to break bones, crush limps, knock heads, etc to bring about a positive change, he should go ahead.

By now we ought to know PMB’s policy direction, the key personnel he plans to work with, institutional structures that will help fight the hydra-headed evil of corruption, etc. He is rather too slow for comfort. The clock keep s ticking. What you have to do, do now!

And he has just 4 years to do what he has to do. Second term is only a bonus and a reward for good and satisfactory performance during the first term of 4 years


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