nick eworoThe flak flying at Hon. Nick Eworo, aka Odukeleho, shows that the Benue State lawmaker representing Obi state constituency is bang on target.

Sometimes, you can gauge someone’s quality from the enemies he makes.

By such standard, I think the former House of Reps aspirant on the platform of the umbrella party, who has in recent times come under ascerbic attack – in the social media – of the social critics like Ade Joseph Otor, Andyson Iji Egbodo and the radical human righs lawyer Joshua Alobo, following his defection from the party, is a politician of the high quality.

Nick Eworo has been attracting unprecedented amounts of flak from some Igede people on account of his defunct political organisation, Igede Mega Project’s foiled attempt to alter the result of the PDP primary to his favour against Hon. Samson Okwu, his rival in the poll.

But even as ugly as such electoral fraud is seen, it was rumoured that Nick was not at the centre of it, as fingers were pointed at the austered principal officer of his political organisation, O.J Iyanya.

And while on one or two occasions he may have given the odd careless hostage to fortune, the flak flying in his direction shows that he is bang on target.

Yesterday and up till this morning the Ito-born light complexion lawmaker came under fire from some of the mentioned social media top critics after he crossed the floor of the red chamber of the Benue Assembly, from PDP to APC,

Ade Joseph Otor berated him in his comment and he became a subject of vote of no confidence and compared to a bad politician who is morally bankrupt. What unprintable words did they not call him under the posts authored by these critics?

But the question is, what is the offence of the former deputy majority leader of the Benue Seventh Assembly, that has earned him so much hatred?

Is it that he crossed the floor which is constitutional and the right thing to do at the right time and place that he did it?

While I have no vested interest in the politician who is being pushed by hatred to become a lame duck, but for which going by his action he has refused to so be, I seek a genuine answer to my poser above.

Meanwhile fingers crossed.


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