By James Ibechi
The chairman of the Middle Belt Traditional Council (MBTC) South West Nigeria, Ambassador Ochi Ode Emmanuel, has predicted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will not outlive Muhammad Buhari presidency.

He also said he has foreseen a formation of a new party by the acclaimed national leader of the APC, Bola Tinubu, and his loyalists, which will be fashioned to accommodate the interests of the West, as he said, it has always being.

Amb. Ochi’s prediction comes on the heels of the leadership crisis that came with the birth of the nation’s Eight National Assembly, which has refused to end, more than a month after the inception of the Assembly.

He said, “I do not see APC surviving as a party after the Buhari presidency. APC was formed out of desperation to wrestle power from PDP. Because of this, you have a conglomeration of strange bed mates coming together to wrestle power at all costs. What is happening now in the National Assembly is nothing compared to what is coming. Nigerian people will be the worst hit. I am saying this, not as a harbinger of bad omen. But, except they change, the crisis are in the offing.

“However, I make bold to say that I foresee the APC National Leader, Bola Tinubu, and his loyalists forming another party, which will be fashioned to accommodate the interest of the West as it has been. APC has become a national party that cannot accommodate the interest of the West. The West has always been in their tent, protecting their interests in the larger Nigerian society. I am not a prophet. But that will surely come to pass.”

Ochi, who is also an entrepreneur and a Benue High Chief, Ojikpururu 1 of Ibilla, from Oju LGA of the state, made the prediction while bemoaning the crisis at the NASS when he fielded questions from journalists, on his return from his recent US trip.

Meanwhile, on its part, THE MIDDLE UPDATE, powered by jamesibechi.wordpress.com, has promised to make available the full excerpts of the interview on this news portal.


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