It is not only President  Muhammadu Buhari’s election that is predicated on a promise of change. Also that of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State, among other elected governors on the platform of the APC, came after the order of the corruption-intolerant ex-head of state.

Even though Buhari has yet to unveil his policy direction and appoint his cabinet to form a full government, his handwriting on the wall as so far expressed in the resurgence in the activities of agencies such as the EFCC points to the beginning of the  actualisation of his campaign promise of change.

Yet, while for Ortom one month has gone and getting to two since he took off, there is no sign that a change has come to Benue. No, not in the manner he skewed the formation of his government to favour certain sections of the state, for which, there is now growing outcry and angst of the people.

The cry of marginalization in the distribution of his appointments so far is reminiscent of the past when the PDP held sway. The question people are asking therefore is, when then will ORTOM lay the foundation for the promised Change?

This is a blurb for a Big Story by JAMES IBECHI for the Middle Belt Update print edition, which jamesibechi.wordpress.com will issue out first week of August. It will hit the newsstands in Makurdi, Otukpo, Gboko, Oju, KatsinaAla, after which subsequent editions will spread to Abuja, Lafia, Jos, etc. You can call to book your copies or for advert placement.




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