By James Ibechi

Sometimes leading Nigeria, especially when you are morally bang on target, is not complicated: just don’t do what your opponeimagent wants you to do.

Though it is an iron law of politics that you should never underestimate the stupidity of your opponent, to conform to his whims, however, means you must be ready to fail like him, especially if your opponent is like the Peoples Democratic Party that has just fallen from the sublime to the ridiculous.

In this, as in many other ways, leading the country is actually quite simple: don’t do what your opponents and their cohorts want you to. This is because, that was what they did that they failed…lol.

In fact, there is scarcely any need for PMB to weigh the opinions and advices of the PDP and its minions on the scope of his probe of corruption in the country, before going ahead to do whatever he deems necessary, to corruption.

PMB says he would limit his scope of the probe of corruption to the time of the immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan, but the PDP is opposed to the idea, preferring instead that Buhari must extend it to other regimes before him, as to do what PMB wants to do, they say, is tantamount to selective probe and persecution. The opposition party conveyed its reaction through Olisah Metu, its national publicity secretary, just as some PDP crony clerics are echoing.

And just while you think that you have seen it all about why the general probe of Jonathan administration is imperative comes a new shocking revelation regarding how some of Jonathan’s lieutenants (ministers)) engaged in monumental oil theft to the extent of drilling and exporting crude of over a million barrels a day by each of the ministers alleged in an exposed document..

Any patriotic Nigerian can only see the revealed document as an impetus to boost Buhari’s avowed probe of not just the oil thieves but combing of every nook and cranny of the country for all manners of financial malfeasance. Instead of seeing it that way, one is amazed at how some high ranking Christian leaders like the Catholic Arc Bishop Onaiyekan criticizing PMB’s stand up against the common national thieves.

It is commonsensical to support Buhari’s move to probe if you are sure you don’t have a skeleton in your cupboard. If you were in Jonathan’ government one way or the other and you are saying anything to frustrate the Buhari’s intending probe of the administration, then you’re indirectly indicting yourself, because you sort of trying to ward off your being probed. Corruption should be everyone’s enemy. If you are not corrupt why afraid of probed?

But if your complain is against PMB’s limiting of probe only to Jonathan administration and why not extending it to the previous governments — whether military or civilian — before his, you may have no genuine complain. Buhari has said that it would be futile, wasteful and unachievable to even embark on such a wild goose chase.

imageEveryone defines the scope of his operation in a war or investigation for concrete and verifiable result. Mr. President is not saying that he will unilaterally pick anybody up and jail him outright simply because the ministers are perceived to be corrupt, indicted, or merely accused; neither yet because they belong to the opposition party or so their probe will amount to witch-hunt.

No, I do not see it so. It is just like: come and render account of your stewardship and clear certain grey areas for which they are saying you are found wanting. If you are proved guilty the course of the law must not be circumvented because you are Mr. A or B. That is what Buhari is saying and wants to do, which the previous administration which was itself corruption personified, failed to do.

Nigerians just have to thank their God that they are given such a unique president as BUHARI who only has the clout and irrevocable hatred for corruption, to fight it. He should just be let and be prayed for so that God will protect him from the assassins on the prowl who would want to kill to stop him. So that even if it is one-point agenda that Buhai has — fighting corruption —he will carry it out without being truncated.


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