I grew up as a little boy, I have studied history and read about the depravity and the hatred of humanity, not with exceptions to the Idoma people in particular. A lot of Igede people, to mention a few, have been killed in the pool of their own blood in Otukpo. I grew and witnessed the burial of some of our brothers who were murdered without a clue.

The Ad’Utu stool in Igede is very much long overdue and we the younger generation will continue to remain restless. We are not ready to unleash terror or adopt violence but it has become so worrisome where the rights of a people are denied without any viable reason. Do not tell me that I am too young to dable into such issues, but what is the purpose of leading a people and having them under you when the issues that bother them seem to be none of your business?

The Boko Haram started in the North for reasons best known to them, the Biafrans wanted to gain freedom but they took the wrong steps though they fought the incessant killings of their sons and daughters.

The Igede nation is long overdue for a first class chief. Whatever the reason has been that has delayed it till now, we do not want violence and we are not pleading because as a nation and as an entity we have our rights that we must not even beg before we are given.

The Idoma people refer to us (Igede) as slaves. I am yet to find out the part of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that places the Idoma nation above the Igede nation.

Silence must not be taken for granted. Years have gone and we are becoming impatient. We can lead ourselves, and I even think with the partisan nature of leadership displayed by our traditional leaders the more and the urgency for the Ad’Utu stool draws closer.

Deep in a democratic society you do not impose leaders on people but people choose their leaders themselves. All the machineries are in place to have the Igede nation decides who leads them.

Year after year and night after night we keep anticipating a formal coronation of our king, our patience is overflowing and we are still very patient but I cannot guarantee how long this can wait.

Lovers of Igede nation in the words of a leader which say “whatever you don’t have, means you are not desperate for it enough to have it”.

The traditional stool should not be a thing of politics. I see the Och’ Idoma so partisan and gets even into playing clannish politics, if his grandfathers never told him to not grant the Igede nation their freedom to have their first-class chief then we are ready to rewrite history.

The blacks suffered in America until Martin Luther King lead the black negros to gain freedom. Igede nation has been patient enough and we cannot continue to live without a king because the Och’Idoma, I do not think, knows anything about what happens in Igede. So, we want a leadership that will be close to the people of Igede to help us solve our problems.

Let Igede have her Ad’Utu and let it be constitutional and recognised by the government, lovers of Igede this must be a focal point in our historical growth, till we realise this mission of being free, I see the white colonialism in disguise happening right now when the Idoma people subject us to compulsory slavery every second and each passing day. God bless Igede nation.

Long Live Igede nation

Ogi John 2015



  1. My brother,i quite appreciate your advocacy.Not just on this topical issue but on general issues bordering on development of Igede.
    On this particular issue,many of us have been very vocal,decrying the present status quo.However,i see this more as a systemic conspiracy as some political forces and traditional elements are in a concurrence of a sort to undermine or foreclose the possibility of Igede First Class Chiefdom…We were close to having it some hours ago…..Let’s keep praying as nobody had known that anything good could come out of Nazareth.

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  2. Nice piece brother! We must not relent in this struggle. Let’s all stand up for what is rightly ours-there is strength in Unity.


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