By Solomon Ayado

It was in the spirit of moving forward that the creation of nature locate the buttocks at the backside.Imaginary, it is certain that if you must look it, then certainly, you must look back and must not look forward.

What quickly comes to mind is that any looking back must not really means moving forward but if we must move forward we shall definitely must look back.

The looking back seems reluctant but it moves forward fast imagination that you got a back, meaning literally that if you get the back, you can get the backup to move forward.

It is on this build up that I quickly moved back my mind to reason deeply with a rethink that great men move forward, for in moving forward they realize that development is forwarded, peace and progress moves forward abound.

Across the world, moving forward has been a watch word for movers and achievers in great nations. They imagine big, think big, reason and do big with looking back that they are moving to fast-track.

Tracking is a very key but they track forward mostly and scarcely track backwards. They become shakers but still remain movers with forward vision, actualizing a mission of ensuring peace, unity and progress.
I saw hope, unity, progress and development moving forward with these movers who are institutions, octopus, gladiators, top notches, the rare Gem and big masquerades that combined effort to translate a moving forward future.

Ankor Keneth Terwase, analyst just dish out this pix on the web. Initially I was tempted to quickly declare myself a web snub for my inability to see and pass. It was only natural that the images in it portrayed to me a glorious turnaround, a moving forward that can move a stagnant base to promise land.
It however caught my imagination because I had quickly look-back and confirmed to my mind that i was more than a web snub, one that can see but not pass.

What? It explains the whole equation, a proven one that non have ever contested. I look forward and see the characters in it, looking back I see glaringly the team that can move the Tiv nation forward, if we can move forward.

It will interest you that they are all laughing, feeling it is only moving forward and forward shall we move. Same day of this pix is when I was privy to cover the April 2015 presidential and National Assembly elections. I met physically with the big masquerades, same here where this pose stood in forward of me. They didn’t flex muscles, rather They demonstrated that the game is brotherly and brotherly must we move forward.

I do recall same day that different persons, not like those in the pix, i mean very less to this high profile citizens, i mean people who cannot even decide it, not to talk of deciding it for them, had flex muscles in some places.

The issue of the place quickly came to mind. I remember vividly that for this pix, it was @ INEC Headquarters in Makurdi. That day when others may have thought would have ended up heated, especially if this category in the pix converge in same place.

And if it is about the place, INEC Headquarters to my convincing know, is tower of political pedestal. High profile politicians converge in the place, well vast with political issues, politicking and forwarding development.

At the place, is the engine room of political state, in it the astute politicians politic in peace, I believe, thinking of moving forward.

And if it is moving forward, I moved forward and saw great sons of this Tiv nation in the pix. Senator George Akume, Senator Barnabas Gemade, and at this time of the pix, i saw senatorial candidate, Gabriel Suswam, then was governor. Then Looking back, I also saw in the pix, governorship aspirants Samuel Ortom, now Governor, and Terhemen Tarzoor, Hagher the DG and Chive, a good

I don’t know but voluntarily I went forward with thought. Thinking it is moving forward and can we move forward? Yes.

As The three senators in the pix, two moved forward, the other moved back but stayed to move forward. Two governorship aspirants, one moved forward and another moved back but also stayed to move forward. The others in the pix, can all be considered mediators trying to move forward the mediation.
The equation

Akume moved forward to the senate, Gemade moved. Suswam moved forward and withdrew case against Gemade, Gemade accept gesture, moved forward. Suswam moved forward and support Akume for senate president, Akume accept gesture, moved forward. Suswam moved forward and refused to deviate from the normal norm, procured take off vehicles To Ortom, Ortom accept gesture, moved forward. Suswam moved forward, declared there should not be court cases, saying he “knew how court cases distract a governor and ‘Nyamikyume’ should be allowed to move Benue forward. And?

I think moving forward is what all of them are preaching. I see the light, I see them moving forward. They have moved forward, they are still peacefully moving forward, and what if we move forward? Just thinking forward!

Governor Ortom is doing, moving forward. Forward shall we, the agrarian state move. That is why in God we Trust!
(To be Continued)


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