Lai Mohammad
Lai Mohammad

President Muhammadu Buhari would not be caged as by public opinion as a template for running his government, the All Progressives Congress (APC), has stated.

The party, while reacting to the recent uproar trailing the appointments made so far by the President, which a lot of people see as favouring the North, Buhari’s constituency, said he should be allowed to formulate his own template from a wider view of the Nigerian situation, rather than pander to public opinion for making critical decisions.


But, fiery civil rights activist, Ebun Adegboruwa quickly faulted this line of thinking, arguing that the President, who got to power by playing on the same public opinion, could not turn round and discountenance same afterwards, as it would amount to dishonesty.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed had been reminded by his hosts on Channel Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily of how he had so believed in the public opinion as espoused especially through the social media, which he described as the through voices of Nigerians, and whether the APC administration would not be relying on the platform in making critical decisions.

But the APC spokesman, played down such influence, saying that even though the much information would be gleaned from public opinion, especially from the social media, the government would not allow itself to be boxed.


His words: “Much as we are going to run an inclusive government and consider the views and opinions, clearly we’re not going to be stampeded into any position that doesn’t fit into our programmes. Certainly, were are going to listen to every opinion, but I don’t think we’re going to be slaves.”

Defending the appoints made so far, he said the party was fully consulted before Buhari made them arguing that more than 1,000 appointments were still in the basket, most of them equally important and no part of the country would be left out eventually.

Mohammed, who maintained that outside the party manifesto and constitution no other instrument would be relied on for the decision and programmes of the APC government, disowned the document, detailing the President’s alleged accord with the people, which many Nigerians saw as the holy book of the party and on which conviction they voted, as unknown to APC.

But Adegboruwa, saw this as a grand deceit by the party, which he accused of hoodwinking Nigerians with lies and propaganda to garner votes adding that the President had not only relied on the same mechanism in running what he described as his “one-man show” government, but practically breaking the laws of the land.

“When you look at the appointments that have gone on so far, you’ll discover that there is a particular tendency that is lopsided to a particular region, which is clearly unconstitutional,” he said, arguing that instead of the promise of the APC devolve, restructure and spread to all parts of Nigeria, the tendency of the President had suggested a disposition of hatred for a particular part of the country.

Arguing that it was not too early to judge the President, as his supporters had maintained, he said that the said appointments constituted the engine room of Buhari’s cabinet and apart from being key were a reflection of what would come later, adding that this was indeed an opportunity for him to demonstrate his tolerance of other ethnic groups in the country, given that Nigeria had more than 350 ethnic groups.

“At the time you put yourself forward to become the President of Nigeria, you don’t have the capacity to absorb people from other ethnic groups, then you don’t qualify to be into that office. Go through the South East, go through the North West, go through the South South, there must be people this president knows from the military and the military lives all over Nigeria. Buhari is not somebody who was chained in a particular section of the country,” he said.

Stating that Buhari had broken several laws including the unilateral dissolution of the boards of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and Assets Management Company of Nigeria (AMCON), Adegoruwa, blamed it on the inconsistency of the APC government and its failure to live by its electoral promises because of its confusion and inability to run a credible government.

His words: “He is running a one-man government and that’s why everything is in a state of comatose. He should have constituted his cabinet. Go to the stock exchange, investors are running away, go and change a dollar and tell me how much you get. Look at our roads, if you take the APC manifesto, today we should have at least 3,000km of roads linking all parts of the country. The reverse is the case now. Julius Berger has been chased out of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Go there now, it is carnage all over the place. Is that the problem of Jonathan?

“I have just seen a document dated 7th of March, which was like a solemn declaration, a covenant the President made with Nigerians that this what I will do in 100 days. They used it to campaign and Alhaji Mohammed came here this morning to disown it. When the President secretly declared his assets, Nigerians shouted, Nigerians kicked against it and he said no, I swear on this 100 days covenant, it is not 100 days yet, by the time it is 100 days, I’ll make my assets declaration public. But that document has been disowned because the President is no longer working with it. And I won’t be surprised that sooner or later, this manifesto will also be disowned.

“Nothing is happening Sir. The style of this government is very simple – it is a noisemaking government. You win election through propaganda and you want to rule through propaganda. It is a noisemaking government.

“On 11th of March, the candidate of APC, President Muhammadu Buhari addressed a town hall meeting and said, ‘what is this nonsense about Jonathan going to Niger Republic and Chad to look for assistance?’ That he is General. I’m quoting him – ‘I know the Nigerian Army very well. All you need is to mobilse them and encourage; that we don’t need any alliance to rout Boko Haram;’ if he is voted into office, immediately, he’ll work with the Nigerian military. But immediately he was voted in, he jetted out to Niger Republic and went to chad. The President said the treasury was empty, when he was voted into power, but he reached there and released billions of dollars for this same thing. Inconsistencies, lies are being told to Nigerians.

“What is going on is that the government did not appreciate the inconsistencies of governance. So, everyday, what you hear is looting, what you hear is corruption. I don’t support corruption. We would want the President to tackle corruption and keep it where it belongs. But that’s not what we should wake up everyday with.


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