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Heroes lie in all of you that believed in our dream of the public lecture that we held last week on Igede Agba. Series of media activities aimed at placing our rich and enviable culture on the global center stage devoid of political influence will follow by the grace God.

Some of our strategies and the particular adventures that are billed to follow the public lecture are such that we shall only unveil at the appropriate time.

I appreciate my immediate constituency, the crew that made it possible that day. I will remain indebted to James Ibechi, Ogi John, Ochi Collins Ochim, Ikoni Matsolace, Amco Moses Alo and all our new members that contributed in so many ways for the success of the event.

I appreciate those that turned down my invitation to join the CPC for the fear of failure. Their refusal inspired and spurred us greatly for the much success recorded.

I thank our Chairman and Grand Patron of Igede Progressives Network, High Chief (Amb) Ode Ochi Emmanuel who is also the Chairman of Middle Belt Traditional Council in the whole of the South Western Nigeria, for his abiding faith and trust in our skills over the years. He came all the way from Lagos, canceling his trip to America just to be with us. God bless you richly sir. I promise not to let you down.

Thanks to Chief Frank Alochu who delivered the earth-shaking lecture in the programme. Thanks for your generosity towards the project we have at hand now. We are however not surprised for your philanthropic gestures. We encourage you to continue. Igede will get up on its feet like the giant that it is with selfless people like you. Engr Ben Obega, thanks for coming all the way from Abuja and the supports you gave us.

Special thanks to the former Chairman of OJU LGA, Hon. Chief Bright Igodo Ogaji who gave us his hotel for use free of charge. Thanks for all the other supports.

We appreciate the gracious calls we received from the Special Adviser to the Governor of Benue State, Bar. Patricia Kupchi, Chief John Enyi and so many of our well-wishers across the globe.

Thanks to John Frank Ozzidi, Otor Jay, Com. Armstrong Egbe Emmanuel Ijwo, Apostle Lege, Onu Moses Onu and so many of our comrades that came to participate actively. Please, may all those whose names I could’t mention now forgive me. My gadget is small to accommodate all that I want to say. I appreciate you all.

Thanks to our home-based senior friends who turned out en masse for the lecture and my wife, Millicent for her understanding when I had left her and Freedom for journeys in order to meet up. Thanks, Love.

We hope and implore James Ibechi, Ikoni Matsolace and Ogi John to, in their unrelenting support for the Igede cause, provide updates on the papers presented in writings and on YouTube for the benefits of our brothers and sisters in Diaspora.

Let me end this with: “Every generation out of its relative obscurity must define its mission, the task is either to fulfill or betray it”. Shame, shame and shame to all those that were telling people unfounded reasons why they must not identify with us. The future belongs to those that believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Keep a date with us, new grounds will be broken again soon God being on our side. May God continue to bless only those that deserve His grace. Amen.



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