Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom is to sanction Caretaker Chairman of Gwer Local Government Council, Godwin Dele Uzuku, for failing to explain the whereabouts of N40 million, a part of funds allocated to his Local Government Council.

BENUE.COM.NG gathered that the embattled chairman only utilised N28m out of the N68m allocation for the month of July to pay workers’ salaries. He was said to have used a payment voucher of 2011, when there was no minimum wage increase, to arrive at the N28m figure.

Speaking to journalists at the Benue Peoples House yesterday, Governor Ortom said he had issued a query to the chairman and recommended sanctions which are before the State Assembly.

“…We said, “where is the 40 million?” He could not explain so we gave him a query. We are a government that has zero tolerance for corruption. He has answered it and it’s before the House of Assembly. We have recommended sanctions because he could not explain it and has disregarded our directives.”

The Governor charged the public to be alert and report any suspicion of fraud by members of his government.

“If any of my subjects is misappropriating money, please blow the whistle.” He said.

Before now, Hon. Godwin Dele Udzuku was applauded by the public for exemplary leadership when it was reported that he refused to receive his salary saying the workers should be paid first.

Source: Benue.com.ng


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