imagePatience Ekoynohe Daniel Odoh, a social media activist and fierce freak for former President Goodluck Jonathan, has lent her voice to the growing opposition against David Mark’s plan to return to the Senate despite his recent sack by an appellate court in Makurdi, warning Igede people against voting for the former senate president in the rerun poll soon to be conducted.

We serve you raw and unedited excerpt of her post on the Facebook below.

“I heard with one ear that Senator David Mark has started distributing Rice, Salt and Tin tomatoes to people in Otukpo, he is also gossiped to be reconstructing the year long abandoned death traps on Otukpo roads, ahead of the rerun elections between him and Onjeh…. Wow! This is interesting…..

Section of Otukpo-Oju Road showing extension of its dilapidation and disrepair state. Photo was taken in September 2015.

“Oh, he is facilitating the immediate creation of APA State as a bench warmer in the Senate now…. I seeeeeeee!!!
Meanwhile, let’s forgive him for all his sins the past 16years as a terrible, unredeemable failure to the people of Zone C, but please, I need some answers to these immediate ones, like asap…..
“Where was this man in the past Five months as a siddon look senator, that he just thought of “dashing” out food items and cementing of roads??? How come he is so touched all of a sudden about the plight of his people?
“The same man who never gave a damn about the common man, diverting all riches to himself and families and further created more hatred among Idoma sons recently on a land he was supposed to build his private school?
“Oh my Igede brethren, pls do not be deceived by these sudden kind gestures from a man who never meant well for you. Yes, some of your stupid old elders would come deceiving you to accept him back as against his opponent, but verily l say unto you, these old elders are the “HUNGRY SLAVES” David Mark was Refering to when he said “some igede elders come to him to beg for food and children’s school fees”….. Such an insult to an entire race!
“Open your eyes now and kick him out like you’d kick an allien trying to destroy your crops, trash them out like “Achukwu and Akpan” would trash witches and evil doers…… It is your right! It’s in your hands… The Igede Nation have suffered enough in the hands of this man and those old fools playing politics from within us….
“David Mark shouldn’t be playing politics anymore, he should be attending his village meetings now…..


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