The fire which Daniel ONJEH ignited against Sen. David Mark is smoldering like the California wild fire. And as the rerun poll for the Benue South Senatorial District approaches, so the noose is getting tightened for the ex-president of the senate who was last week sacked by a Makurdi appeal court, but yet unperturbed, as he is looking frantically to return back to the senate through the rerun.

Of the former senate president, Amity Ijuwo has written below:

The man returned from exile in 1998. We received him as our saviour, the Igede people roll out drums to celebrate him. He was voted overwhelmingly by the people to the Senate.
It was our hope that he will listen to our yearnings, good roads, water, electricity etc. More so, being from old Otukpo, he may reasonably support his successor from old Oju which is the Igede people.

David Mark was a great man, the most revered Distinguish Senator and maximum leader. His power was greater than two senators and a governor put together in Benue State. His attributes were mistakenly ascribed to GEJ by Wole Soyinka when he called him Nebuchadnezzar.

To the Igede people that he represented at the Senate for sixteen years, the only noticeable dividends of democracy was a promise to build a befitting mortuary to relieve them from the misery of deaths. As for the entire Zone C, the creation of APA State is a do or die.

The sad reality, old Okpokwu and Otukpo had been going to the senate from 1979 to date. Now Dan Onjeh, a dogged fighter and killer of Goliath may win from old Okpokwu. So how long will the Oju people wait.

It is better to wait than returning this Pharaoh.

Amity Ijuwo, a banker, educationist cum politician, is a stalwart of the APC from Oju LGA of Benue State.

Amity Ijuwo

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