By Tony Iji

As we prepare for the forth coming re-run election for the Benue South Senate seat between senator David Mark and Daniel Onjeh, one critical question we need to ask ourselves is, who, between Mark and Onjeh is in a better position to serve the interest of Idoma nation in the current dispensation? image

In the last 16 years of PDP, especially the last 5 years of president Good luck Jonathan, Mark had conquered everything that was there to conquer in government. Apart from being the number 3 man in government, he was the unofficial president under Jonathan. By that, Mark had every opportunity to do anything a sitting president of a country can do for his people. So the question is that, what ll Mark be able to do for Idoma nation now as an ordinary senator under an APC led government that he was not able to do for them when he was the number 3 man in government and a defacto president under a PDP led government? We need to remind ourselves how Mark, in the course of projecting his personal and that of the PDP interest, injured so many interests of those currently at the helm of affairs both at the state and the federal levels. So how ll such people listen to Mark to do anything on his behalf for Idoma nation? We should also not forget how Mark wanted to use his personal ambition to change the political history of our people by trying to force Benue and the entire North Central into a new political alliance which not in tandem with our political history, thereby offending the Northern political interest. How can such a person who wanted to destroy the Northern hegemony be in a position to negotiate Idoma interest with the Northern power brokers who are now in firm control of power in the country?

Mark has of late been talking about eternal influence on the coming rerun election but we need to remind ourselves that the so-called external forces that Mark is complaining about, which is represented by APC leadership are the people who ll determine the fate of every interest groups in the country at the moment. So with Mark’s antagonistic disposition to them, whose partnership and authority will he rely on to further the interest of Idoma nation?

Further more, between Mark, a PDP member and Onjeh, APC member, who ll Abuja be more disposed to in terms of projecting Idoma interest?
In conclusion, David Mark, in spite of his clout and accomplishments will be more of a political liability to the Idoma nation in the current political dispensation due to his political antecedents.

It ll be safer for Idoma nation to stake their interest on Onjeh, who has no political baggage and who ll be more accommodated by Abuja. In spite of his age and limited experience, Onjeh is our best bet in the current circumstances. In the coming rerun election, many voters will not go to the polls to vote for Onjeh as a person but to vote out Mark and vote to put Idoma nation in the mainstream of Nigerian politics. The forthcoming rerun election will provide a big opportunity for Idoma nation to redeem its name from being labelled as anti North as David Mark wanted to project us.


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