* As a New Year gift for him

Comrade Andyson Iji Egbodo, President, Igede Progressives Network (IPN), a youth group, seems to be incensed by Sen. David Mark’s seeming resolve to stop at nothing to return to the senate, contrary to popular opinion that he should step down for younger persons after representing Benue South Senatorial District for four consecutive times, and was humiliated by a court verdict that sacked him, instead of him to quit into respectful elder-statesmanship when ovation was still loudest. Andyson, as he is popularly called, has frowned at David Mark before, but this time, he is furious, yet you cannot blame him. Read him:


Happy New Year to my readers.

Normally, at the start of every new year like this, resolutions and new commitments are always made. Sometimes, we keep those resolutions perfectly well.

This year is novel in my part of the world. I am talking about Benue South Senatorial District in the sense that the year as new as it comes will offer us the opportunity to renew our collective hope and aspirations as a people. We‘ll have a golden chance to decide to be led by light or darkness.

The new year offers us the audacity to proclaim our freedom which is never cheap from the claws of principalities and strong caterpillars, locusts and cankerworms, men whose hearts are by every standard of measurement and analysis fit into the picture of the Biblical Nebuchadnezzar and the satan himself.

Twenty-sixteen is our election year in Benue South. So many of our people are afraid to voice out. There are of the opinion that we should silently wait for the election to come for the eventual fall of the wall of Jericho. I will quickly refer such phobic patients to the clinic of Professor Robert Green‘s Fourty Eight Laws of Power as a therapy.

Neutrality is not a game of righteousness. I heard a friend talk about the colossal status of our former senator, Mr. David Mark and how Comrade Dan Onjeh is too small to defeat him in the rerun election. I could not help but laughed it off.

Nobody is arguing against the fact that Mr. Mark is far our elder, an accomplished retired soldier and the longest serving senator in Nigeria.

All of that go with experience and contacts but those who belong to that school of thought should remember that the race this time is not for the swift, the strong, the most connected and that with the fattest purse but TIME and CHANCES will be leading factors.

When a people say NO, it’s no. It happened in Libya, Iraq, Nigeria and even here in Benue. The former governor, Gabriel Suswam was kicked out of his way to the senate recently.

Therefore, the confirmation of the rejection of Mr. Mark by our people in the coming election is all l want as New Year gift. Should l be hopeful?




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