* Says Senate seat not for political toddlers, bag carriers

The immediate past Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro has described as unfortunate, uncharitable and most irresponsible the vitriolic attacks on the immediate past president of the Senate, Senator David Alechenu Bonaventure Mark, by Benue State Deputy Governor Engr. Benson Abounu.


Comrade Moro in a statement issued on Sunday, while describing Abounu as “ungrateful”, accused the deputy governor of allowing the pursuit of self-interest beclouds his sense of judgment, which according to him, is anchored on creating mischief.

Attributing self-interest and extreme partisanship as reasons for what he termed “Abounu’s perverted knowledge” of Senator Mark’s achievements towards the development of Idoma land, Moro took a swipe at the Deputy Governor over his incompetence in representing the interest of the people of Benue south despite being on a member of the state executive council.

Moro’s words: “It is unfortunate that Benson Abounu has so soon forgotten to let the public know that the “enormous power” Senator David Mark “wielded” facilitated his appointments as commissioner of water Resources and Environment and the chairman of the Board of directors of the Nigerian Television Authority.

“Can Benson Abounu point to any viable and sustainable project he used his occupation of these high-grade positions to attract to Idoma land? Can Benson Abounu explain to his Idoma people why the traditional Idoma slot of the secretary to the Government of Benue State was taken away from them for the first time in the history of democratic Governance in Benue State under his watch as deputy Governor? Can Benson Abounu explain to the Idoma people why Zone C, Benue South Senatorial district was denied nomination for representation on the local government service commission that is even legally provided for?

“In the cacophony and excitement of the office of deputy Governor, does Benson Abounu know when decisions on state matters are taken? Or he is too incompetent or complacent to know where the interest of his people lies? Yet he is a member of the Benue State executive council that decides who gets what, when and where. Unless he forgets or he does not know, Benson Abounu and his co-traveler, Daniel Onjeh should know that it is not in the character and tradition of the Idoma man to publicly abuse his parents and or elders no matter how bad they are.”

Describing Senator David Mark as one who provided unprecedented leadership in stabilizing Nigeria’s democracy, he noted that the former Senate President provided effective representation to the people of Benue South senatorial district.

According to him, Senator Mark’s efforts amongst many midwived the construction of a multi-million naira integrated dam in Otobi, Akpa in Otukpo Local government Area; a federal college of medical services, later federal University of Medical Sciences now reverted to a college of medical sciences by the APC government.

Others Moro listed are the construction of the oweto –Loko bridge/the Oweto-Otukpo road; a JAMB office in Otukpo; the Open University Study Center; the sports stadium in Akpegede; four skills’ acquisition centres in the Benue South Senatorial district and a scholarship scheme for the empowerment of youth, the dualization of the General Hospital/ Enugu Roundabout road; and the establishment of a teaching hospital in Otukpo.

The former Interior Minister stressed further that “No Idoma son or daughter from available records has achieved so much as David Mark”, adding “that the re-run election is not about Otukpo local government but about the entire people of Benue South and the need to have quality representation”.

Moro, however, reminded Benson Abounu that the Senate of the federal republic is not a place for persons in the category of those he described as political toddlers and bag carriers.

“The people of the Benue South are not yet prepared to send to the Senate persons who are potential bag carriers for other Senators. The people of Benue South rejected what Benson Abounu calls change because we saw that the messengers of change themselves needed change to change things. We have been vindicated already by the sorry state of affairs in Benue State”, he said.

Reacting to the performance of the All Progressive Congress led government in Benue state, Moro pointed that the low performance recorded so far by the party was a clear vindication for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party in the state.

“Can Benson Abounu, please, tell Benue people how much loan the Benue State government has taken so far? Fifty Billion Naira plus. Yet workers’ salaries are not paid and no single infrastructural project has been undertaken.

“I think Benson Abounu should worry more about the sinking government in Makurdi rather than the rerun election in the Benue South over which he has no political control”, the former minister added.

Source: idomapeopleofnigeria.com



  1. Abba Moro sound like a tribalistic that he is. every line of his words carry Idoma man, more bizarre was when he said “traditional Idoma slot of SSG” does that mean that its only the idomas that made up Zone C senatorial constituency? Look at how Abba Moro just pack idoma full Civil defence, How many Igede people did he give employment? what about the Igede people, what has David Mark and Abba Moro do to help them? they only meet igede people when its time for election abi?


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