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All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate in the February 13 INEC proposed rerun election in the Benue South Senatorial District, Daniel Onjeh, claims he does not match Peoples Democratic Party, PDP’s David Mark, if war-chest, power and influence are the determining factors for who wins the contest that has pitched him against Mark, because he does not posses them.

But he’s not deterred by his deficiency. He dreams he will beat Mark clean in the contest to go to senate, because those factors, which were the order of the elections when the PDP held sway as the ruling party, will no longer be the talk of election. Neither play out again.

According to Onjeh, “David Mark will be facing, for the first time in his political life, a free and fair contest,” devoid of any form of malpractice, in which the ex-senate president will be trounced.

Unfortunately for Onjeh, he may never win the rerun to go to senate just as he did not win the nullified poll last year, even though the election was cancelled on account of the electoral offense of Mark.

Political analysts foresee, especially those of them that are gifted with clairvoyance for seeing into the future, that the unexpected will happen to spring surprises and swing victory to Mark’s side.

The analysts have laced their reasons, which they have farmed out of thorough research in the grassroots, with Mark’s electoral stratagem considered too superior to be outclassed by Onjeh and his party, APC.

They have also factored in Hon. Samson Okwu and his counterparts in other constituencies within Zone C who are House of Reps members David Mark is allegedly using, in the election.

The secret behind how the Reps are a factor combined with other compelling reasons Onjeh may never go to senate has been burst, but in line with the editorial policy of this site, we will release the story only at the appropriate time.





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