Otukpo is still a very dirty, underdeveloped LGA, let alone the rest in Zone C, in spite of being the cradle, hub and source of Idoma people’s modern civilization. And the politicians driving the civilization are Idoma people scarcely brought up elsewhere than Otukpo.


Yet, turning around that socio-economic infrastructure that spontaneously creates a value chain from a deliberately engineered shared value system and culture, in which all and sundry carry out socio-economic activities that benefit them and contribute their quota to creating self-made dimensions of development and growth with their ingenuity and thoughts; is a far cry. Wonder then is: Does it mean that governance is rather the problem bedeviling social equity, economic productivity and environmental sustainability, or is it the politics of resource allocation, or the personalities i/c of either? Else, I see no reason why Otukpo will still be as it is, seeing DM is from there and the Idoma have been the pre-dominant drivers of the multi-peopled Zone C senatorial district.

You know, I lost my sleep another night – this – thinking deeply about the questions above. The quest unfinished as I wasn’t able to accentuate the enigma, such a tapestry and labyrinth!

But it all resulted from the great discomfort that I suffered last night as a result of the amount of dust I inhaled unconsciously in the previous day. Whenever I have looked over Onyike from our little plateau, the sights have constantly been deplorably full of ever rising and thickening dust and smoke – immensely pernicious pollution. Yet, Oju LGC, the common and elite citizens of the area engage in deadly smack down and royal rumble – know WWW? – over DM, Young Alhaji, Onoja, Suswam, Akume, Ortom, and now Onjeh, etc. Who among them never knew that Oju has been in need of developmental interventions, except that electricity is now here – after too many times of contract awarding, and incorruptible intervening international development agencies of the UK and UN? The Igede mobilisers for these state and national political classes are themselves sell-outs who, in turn, undersell the Igede people to the greedy, avaricious and rapacious. Then, tell me if the people shouting now for PDP, and APC – like me – are doing it objectively or subjectively. Even deeper is the question, if especially the most recent decampers did not play the last 16-year game on the PDP platform that ruined our common heritage.

You call it politics…? Whatever! But after politics, what of the twin, governance, and the tool, economics, which is symbiotically related to politics? Shouldn’t we demand the latter?

Ortom is now governor whom I reasoned for because I could in no wise separate Tarzor from Suswam – the names sound socio-pathic. The benign – he appears – governor seems to have disregarded the people, and lost touch with the socio-economic realities, which in Benue State, are hellish. I allude to workers and pensioneers’ arrears of salaries, the “bailout” and “ghost workers” saga. Is he aware of, and really concerned about the people’s plight? If we can excuse the arrears issue on account of the mystified ghost workers, what about the confirmed workers’ salaries? (For crying out loud on their behalves) Common sense, people orientedness and true leadership demand that he pays them and keeps money circulating, because he has been getting monthly allocation from the federal government. Let him tell us why he is not paying confirmed workers.

Even the BSHA, with opposition members, is just musing and moping. I dare say they are content having got automobiles…

What’s more. Oju LGA appears to have no government council. The secretariat as well as the market are as piggeries. Only few political and otherwise office holders know their jobs as much as or better than corruption. For, what do the HOD’s do with their imprests? Then morally bankrupt and sometimes also intellectually moribund officers receive ghost workers’ pays, merely availed by opportunism. How could Oju be as it has since been retrograding and retrogressing, but Dave Ode said there were no tasks therefore he thought he should lay-off over 400 new employees. Igodo maintained the nonsense. And the current is thinking no better, surprisingly. It might after all not be about the intellect, but the heart of a leader, which is difficult to prejudge.

Can the last 25 years be compared with the theretofore, when Agwoke constructed the then township roads still in use. Whereas, Ichakobe-Ojinyi road (now deathtrap indeed) was 2/so years ago constructed by one who was said to be award-winning chairman by the PDP, allegedly costing ‪N‎24mllion‬. You can say more…

Are there solutions? Yes! Change! Change! Change! But what a task! Sounds easy, though! While possible, conscious efforts are required from both the leaders and the led. From the latter, organized pressure and officially articulated, with defiant determination on purpose marshalled by non-corrupts, will oust or relegate the parvenus-turned-stooges-and-puppets from the realms, loop and helms. I’m talking about Public Opinion. Yet painfully, even the pressure groups compromise through their leaders. ILO, NLC, NULGE, NUT, NUJ, NBA; Omi Ny’ Igede, IYC, Oju Township Boys, etc. – compromise by their leaders when handed brown envelops. Then they come out, gallivant about “successes” and bamboozle the blind followers. I just loathe them.

Abeg…make I read Bible…


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