By Awunah Pius Terwase

The mentality of regarding Igede people in Benue State as Idomas thereby giving their positions to the latter and allowing Idomas to represent them at all levels of government is simply unfair.

I took my time to watch and monitor with keen interest the ill treatment meted to the Igedes in the state by the so-called Tivs and Idomas and I can no longer keep quiet but voice it out so that the decision makers would quickly make a decision that can put a halt to the long cheating of the Igedes by the majority groups in the state.

However, it is very obvious that the Igede people are not having representatives at local, state and federal levels and that can be seen when one visit Igede speaking areas in the state as the basic necessities of life are completely absent in their places. Perhaps, the so-called majority tribes (Tivs and Idomas) in the state also lack the basic necessities of life but the Igedes’ situation is poorer and sympathetic.

The Idomas keep emphasizing that they, and Igedes, are one and the Tivs in the state have marginalized them but when it comes to sharing of positions in government the Idomas take eventually everything without thinking or minding the fact that Igedes are part of them. Since the creation of Benue State, an Igede has never been given an opportunity by the Idomas to have their son or daughter represent them at the senate house and other positions in the governments. Idomas who always claim that Igedes are part of them could never show that in reality.

Therefore, it would be right if the current democratic system can be amended whereby the Igedes and the other minority tribes in the country can be producing their representatives at all levels of government without attaching them to another and regarding them as one even when they are having different language, culture, custom and tradition. Each ethnic group in the Nigeria society practices different culture and speak different language and the system should make it possible for each (Tribe) to have its own real son or daughter as its representative in government, being it local, state or federal.

If marginalization, injustice or inequality must be addressed, then, there should be adequate representation of all the ethnic groups in the country at all stages of government without regarding two or more different tribes as one thereby one among the tribes would dominant others in the group by taking their shares and enriching itself, leaving the rest in a very difficult condition.

It is not too late to amend the policies in the democratic setting of the Nigerian society that can embrace and distribute adequate and equal nation’s resources to all the ethnic groups that formed the nation. The concerned authorities that make decisions should quickly begin to brainstorm so that proper resolution can be obtained and such resolution should ensure equality and address imbalance in sharing the nation’s positions among her families for the peace, unity and continue progress of this great nation (Nigeria).

Awunah Pius Terwase writes from Mpape, Abuja




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