By James Ibechi

Contrary to speculations, especially in the social media by rumour merchants and quack reporters, that Benue State Governor Samuel Ortom was building a private university, the governor has proved that the rumors were lies.

imageThe governor demonstrably gave a lie to the rumors in Makurdi on Thursday, saying he was not building a private university while conducting the Benue Executive Council members round his “Oracle Farms”, a site, which was mistaken for a varsity by his traducers.

He told the members to embrace farming so as to build themselves economically.

The governor said he acquired the land for the farm in 2011 and had used it solely for farming.

“You can see for yourselves; if there is any evidence that I am building a university in this farm, you will know. Except if they are referring to animal farm university”, he said.

He added that farming had become necessary for every Nigerian following the current economic hardship being experienced in the country.

“I am not in government to enrich myself. God enriched me many years ago. So I am not going to divert any public funds for my private use.

“So, those saying that I am building a university are lying. I bought this land in 2011 and it is all about farming; nothing more.”

A Benue social media journalist quoted as claiming that the governor was building a private university which they named as “Oracle University.”


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