By Ugaba Emmanuel

Like the biblical story, “the people who sat in darkness have seen the light,” which heralded the coming of Christ Jesus to save mankind from satanic oppressions here on earth, so also is the electrification of two communities in Obi LGA of Benue State, by the Deputy Majority Leader of the state House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo — to free the people of the communities from darkness.

For over a decade that Obarke-Ito the headquarters of the local government council, and other adjoining towns had been enjoying electricity, Abofutu and Abikpom, a twin community in Ogore Council Ward of the local government had only been seeing the electric poles and cables which passed through their land for electrification of other communities, but never enjoyed what electric power provided.

However, as I traveled to Ojwo in Orihi Council ward via Abofutu and Abikpom

Rt. Hon. Eworo

recently, I discovered to my delight that electric poles have been erected from Ogore down to Adum West preparatory to connecting the long-forgotten twin community to the National Grid for supply of electricity.

Similarly, the road linking Ugbodom with Akwunda and Adum- Owo, all in Obi LGA, is being rehabilitated.

These two major projects, which are aimed at enhancing rural developments in the council, are some of Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo’s dividends of democracy for his constituency.

It could be recalled that at the wee hours of his first tenure in office, Rt Hon. Eworo supplied electric transformers to ADIKO, ADUM-WEST, UGBODOM, ITOGO, OKWUTUNGBE, among other places, promising to give them light.

Ironically, this writer and many others booed his action arguing that he was rather putting the cart before the horse in the sense that it is better and wiser to erect the poles and cables before the supply of transformers, which to us his critics, are cheaper.
We equally criticized him for the deplorable state of the road from Ugbodom to Adum-Owo, where his winning votes usually come from.

Today, this writer and those critics of his have been imageproved not only wrong, but also humbled courtesy the present administration led by Governor Ortom who, Rt Hon. Eworo has given his full support.

A good politician should always move with the tide as the wind of change demands, otherwise you will be swept ashore and left to be pitted by history.

Rt Hon. Eworo knows how best to play his game and today he has started to write his name on the marble sand of time for generation coming behind to know.

His action is an indication that it is not how you started that matters but what matters is how you ended, which is in agreement with the proverb of King Solomon that says, “better is the end of the matter than the beginning thereof.”

I have no doubt in my mind that Rt. Hon. Eworo in synergy with other leaders from Obi, will transform the local government to an enviable mini city that will attract investors, both local and foreign to do business in our localities.

The people of Ogore and Adum-West who had been groping in darkness over the years are now hopeful of seeing the light for the first time in their communities, as well as the people of Akwunda and Adum-Owo who have no access road are now hopeful of travelling on smooth and rehabilitated road.

Promise fulfilled is a contract executed and to him that much is given much is equally expected.


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