By Ugaba Emmanuel

The foray of Barr. Jacob Ajene into the political turf was heralded by the political prowess of his elder


brother, late Chief Ogiri Ajene, former Deputy Governor of Benue State.
While the latter was in office between 1999 and 2007, the former played supportive roles and was not actively involved in the political engineering of his people. Barr. Ajene was only known by the top echelon politicians. The lower echelon politicians of the present dispensation did not know him very much until 2010 when he came in full force to contest election into the House of Representatives for Oju/Obi federal constituency seat.
Before venturing into active partisan politics, Barr. Ajene was, and is still an Abuja-based businessman dealing in automobiles.
Barr. Ajene cought the admiration of Igede people in 2010 when he presented a speech at the general annual conference of Omi Ny’ Igede where he concluded that Igede people needed effective and efficient representative at the National Assembly of which he freely offered himself to undertake the task.
His campaign train named BOJACO gathered supporters and passengers across Igede nation and with the support and influence of his late elder brother, former Deputy Governor, BOJACO became almost a household name all over Igede land.
The contest for Oju/Obi Federal constituency seat at the National Assembly in 2010/2011 that produced Rt. Hon. Samson Aja Okwu was fierce as there were over five aspirants that contested the primary election on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


The galant loss suffered by Barr. Ajene in the PDP primary election angered him consequently and he decamped from the party and pitched his tent with Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) to fight the PDP. Before this time, the PDP was the dominant party in Igedeland.
When Barr. Ajene could not prevail over the decision of his people, he staged a comeback to the party he angrily left.
In 2014, he joined forces with Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo to wrestle power and snatch the Oju/Obi Federal constituency seat from the incumbent, Hon. Okwu.
Midway into the contest, Barr. Ajene abandoned the PDP project and decamped to All Progressives Congress (APC), a party he felt would win in 2015 general elections.
Many scoffed at him for his actions, some followed him, some stood on the fence while others remained where they were to watch the turn of events.
To God be the Glory, the general elections came and APC swept the polls both at the Federal and State levels which made him to be the leader of the party in Igede nation today. His action was timely and judgmental. It produced the desired results.
The APC controlled government has equally recognized his contributions and has rewarded him with the position of Member, Benue State Board of Internal Revenue Service.
Barr. Ajene is a man that can move with the tide as the political wind begins to show signs of change so that he can lead his followers along the line of government.
Indeed, Barr. Ajene is a man that saw it coming: the wind of change that others did not see, that swept the dominant PDP ashore, that drowned many and left them devastated.
Barr. Ajene is a man that Igede people should watch with keen interest because he has all it takes to be a leader, a defender of the defenseless, purposeful, pragmatic and judgmentally sound.



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