By Andyson Iji Egbodo & James Ibechi

The history of Oju Local Government Area of Benue State is as old as the State itself, as the local government was created in 1976 along with the state.

The local government has been administered by both elected and appointed leaders since its creation. While some of its leaders worked assiduously towards a comprehensive development of the area, others paid lip service to its affairs.

As if realizing the need for one who could salvage the would-be local council, providence provided a boy, prepared, groomed and nurtured him for his future assignments.

That boy, born to the family of Chief Jacob and Mama Maria Okom Udaga in the village of Okpoma-Ainu is Architect Dominic Iyipa Angwa. Born in 1970, he never looked back in his preparatory journey for leadership through education and community service.

In his quest to hone his administrative skills, young Dominic enrolled at Ainu Central Primary school after which he proceeded to the famous Government Secondary School, Ikachi in 1980 finishing in 1985 in flying colours having came out as the best graduating student of that year.

Still in pursuit of education, he got admission into School of Remedial Studies, University of Jos, Makurdi Campus in 1986. After this programme, he went ahead to University of Jos to study Architecture which he completed in 1991 with a Bachelor of Science degree and followed that up with a Master of Science degree in Architecture in 1994. He did his national youth service at Magadali local government area of Adamawa state between 1994 and 1995.

Angwa now a certified Architect got employed in Geometrix Consultants Nigeria limited, a private firm in Abuja. He left paid employment in 2000 and set up Factorem Consultants Nigeria limited, a design and construction firm also in Abuja, where is serving as a director .

The life of Angwa has been that fully dedicated to the service of God and man. Having received Christ as his Lord and Saviour in 1983, he got baptized in 1984 under Methodist Church, Nigeria. Apart from his commitment to Christian activities, he is also renowned for composing soul-lifting gospel praise and worship songs.

He is a committed choir member and one that preaches Christ through the medium of drama. In addition to using his gift in music ministry to the propagation of the glorious word of God, Architect Angwa also deploys his professional talent to further the work of God.

He has served as technical officer as well as technical adviser to Methodist Church both at his home town and Nyanya Circuit, served as chairman, building committee of Christ Cathedral, Patron of National Association of Okpoma students and patron of Boys Brigade, Nigeria 119 Benue Company.

As part of his contribution to the development of his community, he initiated and contributed towards construction of Orworwu Bridge, he single-handedly constructed culvert at Okpoma Ucho road and offered free design and supervision services to Ainu community projects and churches.  He also designed and supervised construction work on church guest house and chapel amongst others.

This laudable contribution to community development by this amiable professional is not lost out on the people as they have showered him with numerous awards in recognition of his sterling performances. These awards include merit award from Methodist Church, Ukpa Circuit, award of excellence from youth Igede Diocese, merit award from Methodist church, Orworwu Circuit and Ohwo of Ainu from Ainu House wives and similar others.

Architect Angwa is married to his heartthrob Mrs. Christiana Ogeyi and blessed with children.

According to him, “God has been so kind and generous to me, mine is to reciprocate His good deeds in my life through quality service to my people. When elected, I intend to bring the fear of God to bear on our administration.”








  1. Let me admit dt i like d fact that he enlighthenend and eposed but, how is he going to recreate Oju? We want strategy not talk…we’re far behind in Oju and d entire Igede land…we say no to people who are out to enrich themselves at d expense of d future of d upcoming generations.
    We need to henceorth hold our leaders responsible for their actions and inactions wen we give them d mandate to lead!


  2. congratulations to the young man. My advice is that the buiz of politic belong to the politicians alone and is not for every body.Thank u


  3. Arch. Angwa. It looks quite a good quality material for the position. Let us see others who are also interested in this election. It is purely my opinion of the young man. We must,as a matter of fact, elect a young dynamic,innovative ,experienced,with good religious background (God fearing) and proactive looking person.. Igede has a good pool of talents in ang field of specialisation .


    1. Arch. Angwa is no doubt a renown personality in the commity of the good people of Ainu and Oju LGC. But remember, with the current Economic situation in the country, political office holders are shying away from political office to professional ventures.


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