*16 others get appointments too



By James Ibechi (for THE HAWK)

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday approved the appointment of Prof. Steven Ejugwu Onah as the new head of National Mathematical Centre, Sheda.

Also approved for appointment as chief executives of various parastatals under the Federal Ministry of Education are 16 others.

A statement by a deputy director in the ministry, Benjamim Goong, said the new chief executives had been invited to meet with the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu today, Tuesday.

The new appointees are Prof. Abubakar Rasheed (National Universities Commission); Prof. Lilian Salami (Nigerian Institute For Educational Planning and Administration); Dr. Hameed Boboyi (Universal Basic Education Board); Prof. Lanre Aina (National Library of Nigeria); Prof. Charles Uwakwe (National Examinations Council); Prof. Abba Haladu (National Commission For Mass Literacy, Adult And Non-Formal Education); Prof. Bashir Usman (Nomadic Education Commission); and Prof. Ifeoma Isiugo-Abanihe (National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB).

Others are Prof. Sunday Ajiboye (Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria); Afolabi Aderinto (Computer Registration Council of Nigeria); Prof. Bappah Aliyu (National Commission for Colleges of Education); Dr. Abdullahi Bichi Baffa (Tertiary Education Tax Fund); Prof. Garba Dahuwa Azare (National Teachers Institute); and Prof. Michael Afolabi (Librarian Registration Council of Nigeria).

Also appointed Prof. Ishaq Oloyede (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board); and Prof. Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche (National Institute of Nigerian Languages).

Mr. Goong also said four heads of parastatals under the ministry were retained. They are Prof. Samaila Junaidu of Nigeria Educational Research & Development Council; Prof. Raaufu Adebisi of Nigerian French Language Village Badagry; Dr. Mas’ud A. Kazaure of National Board For Technical Education; and Prof. Muhammad Mu’az of National Arabic Language Village, Maiduguri, Borno State.


STEP ONAH 2Prof. Onah, until his appointment, served as a professor of Stochastic Modelling and Numerical Computing Department of Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science at the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi – Benue State.


He was born on September 2, 1959 at Uje-Anchim in Oju Local Government Area, Benue State. He is an indigene of Benue in Nigeria and Igede by ethnic extraction.
In 1982 he obtained a B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics at the University of Jos with Second Class Upper Division and in 1987, a M.Sc degree in Mathematics from the same University. In 1998 he bagged a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Ibadan.
Professor Ejugwu Stephen Onah was employed in the University as a Graduate Assiatant in 1983, and has remained in the service of the University since then. By sheer hard work and dedication he rose steadily through the ranks and was promoted Professor in October, 2006.
In March, 2010 he was appointed the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
He is an erudite scholar who has written many publications. These publications include theses, a book and numerous journal articles in national, international and electronic journals.
He has attended and presented papers in numerous conferences both at home and abroad and is a member of the Nigeria Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of Nigeria.
He has a passion for impacting positively on the lives of others in the society. In recognition to his contribution to the development of the University and the larger society, Professor Onah has received many awards. He was listed in the 15th Edition of Marquis’ “Who is Who” in the world, 2010.
Prof. Onah is happily married to Mrs. Maria Inyangbe Onah and they have three children three (3) children – Jennifer Iyeka, Valentine Elilehi and Kingston Onahi.
He is a great thinker. He loves reading, sight-seeing and picnicking. His other hobbies include in-door games, watching football, photography and music.
Below are some of his publications.

  1. Onah, E. S.(1997). On Direct Methods for the Discretization of a Heat Conduction Equation using Spline Functions, Jour. of Applied Mathematics, and Computation, 85, 87 – 96 …more
  2. Onah, E. S. and Ugbebor, O. O. (1998). Multi-Dimensional Investment Model: A Stochastic Approach, Jour. of Science Research, VOL. 4 (1), 11 – 14, University of Ibadan …more
  3. Onah, E. S. and Ugbebor, O. O. (1998). Verification of a Stochastic Economic Model, Jour. of Science Research, Vol. 4, 3 – 9, University of Ibadan …more
  4. Onah, E. S.and Ugbebor, O. O. (1999). Solution of a Two-Dimensional Stochastic Investment problem, Journal of Applied Mathematics and computation 98, 75 – 82 …more
  5. Onah, E. S.,Kimbir, A. R and Onoja, A. (1999). Self Guiding Solutions to Mathematics Problems (For Schools and Colleges). Aboki publishers, Makurdi, Lagos, Nigeria (ISBN: 978 – 32410-0-1).
  6. Onah, E. S.(2000). Fundamental Marriage Problems and Solutions (for every woman), COSMOS Press, Makurdi, Nigeria. (ISBN: 978-2910-07-4).
  7. Ugbebor, O.O., Onah, E.S.and Ojowu, O. (2001). An Empirical Stochastic Model of Stock Price changes, Jour. of Nigerian Mathematical Society (JNMS) Vol. 20, 95 – 101 …more
  8. Onah, E.S. (2002). Asymptotic Behavior of the Galerkin and the Finite Element collocation Methods for a Parabolic Equation, Journal of Applied Mathemetics and Computation, 127, 207 – 213 …more
  9. Onah, E. S.and Mser, M. D. (2002). A Mathematical Model for Retiring Workers, abascus (Journal of Mathematical Association of Nigeria, JMAN) Vol. 29, No. 2, 122 – 126, Mathematics Series …more
  10. Onah, E. S(2003). Computational Mathematics, Computers and National Development. Journal of Research and Contemporary Issues. Vol. 1, 36 – 42…more
  11. Onah, E. S(2004). Triangular Finite Elements for a Boundary Value Problems with corners. abacus (JMAN), Vol. 31, No. 28, 201 – 209 Mathematical Series …more
  12. Onah, E. S(2004). Finite Element Appropriation by Bilinear Splines, abacus (JMAN), Mathematical Series.  Vol. 31, No. 28, 293 – 302 …more
  13. Onah, E. S.(2006). Repositioning Mathematics for sustainable Scientific Development. Journal of Research and Contemporary Issues.Vol. 2, 138 – 146…more
  14. Onah, E. S.(2006). On a Mathematical Model of Drug Concentration in A Body, abacus (JMAN), Vol. 33, No.2B, 345 – 350. Mathematics Series …more
  15. Onah, E. S. (2006). A probabilistic Model for a Winner in the Ballot Problem. Referred Proceedings of the 2006 Annual National Conference of M.A.N, 78 – 82 …more
  16. Kimbir, A. R., Onah, E. S.and Iorkua, M. (2006). Generalized Growth Models for Sterile Male Technique of Pest Control, abacus (JMAN), Vol. 33, No. 2A, 148 – 160. Mathematics Series …more
  17. Onah, E. S.(2008). Computational Partial Differential Equations I (A Postgraduate Foundation Course), On-line Publication of the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, Nigeria
  18. Kembe, M., Onah, S.and Kimbir, R. (2008). A Two-Stage Stochastic Model for HIV Infection and AIDS in the Presence of Anti-Retroviral Therapy, Nigerian Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences, Vol. 1, 68-78.
  19. Onah, E. S.(2009). A Mathematical Model to Determine the Growth of Investments Using Share Prices, On-line Publication of the National Mathematical Centre, Abuja, Nigeria.
  20. Dzaan, S. K., Onah, E. S.and Kimbir, A. R. (2009). On the Extinction Probability of a Family Tree, Science World Journal, vol.4, No. 1
  21. Onah, E. S.(2010). A Stochastic Model to determine An Optimal Size of Casual Workers In A Company. Journal of Nigerian Mathematical Society vol. 29, 229 – 237 …more
  22. Ukoabasi Isip, Terhemen Aboiyar and Stephen E. Onah(2012). Solution of Mathematical Model of Pollutant Concentration in a Channel Flow using Adomian Decompostion Method. Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics vol 22, 399-306




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