By Achiri Igiri-West

Philanthropist and founder of Alochi Foudation, Chief Frank Alochu, has made a case for total rehabilitation of Oju road to ease movement of the people to Makurdi, the state capital.

Chief Frank Alochu

 Alochu who lives in the United states of America said while speaking with The Hawk newspaper that the deplorable state of the road has caused a lot of wastage of man hours and damages to the economic life of the people.

 According to him, since the only road linking the local government area with the state capital was in bad state of disrepair, commuters were now spending more hours between Oju and Makurdi thereby affecting their productivity.

He also said farm produce from the area were perishing by day as

transportation had become difficult for farmers.

 He further said “the time we are in calls for encouragement of the people in their private endeavours to cushion the effects of the economic crunch we are in today.”

 Speaking further, Alochu promised to collaborate with government of the day to better the lots of the people which was why he said he set up a foundation to advance the welfare of the less privileged ones.



  1. This has been our cry since the journey of 30 minutes to Achoho now take 2 hours. The governor should please come to our aid as a matter urgency


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