*Says road is death trap

By James Ibechi

Founder of Alochu Foundation, Chief Frankie Ipobu Alochu, has restated his worry over the total state of disrepair of the Oju-Awajir road, calling on Benue State Government to immediately declare a state of emergency on the road.

Chief Alochu who frowned at the level of neglect of the only road directly linking Oju LGC with the Benue State Capital city, Makurdi, said that the condition of the road has now worsened to the level that it has disturbingly become a death trap.

The philanthropist cum business mugul was fielding questions from The Hawk Newspaper journalists over his humanitarian succor for the less privilege in the Igede community under his charity organisation called Alochu Foundation at his home town of Oju LGA, when he expressed his worry over the Oju-Awajir road.

 Chief Alochu, during his mother’s burial, recently expressed worry over the dilapidated state of the road, volunteering to render a kinda self-help support or to partner with the state government if it makes move to repair the road.

However, could report that all of Alochu’s appeals and gestures fell on deaf ears while the road was metaphorically left to cater for itself.

Besides the poor condition of the road, Chief Alochu thumbed down on the performance status of politicians who are supposed to be the agents of development of their communities in Igedenation.

His words: “My concerns are about the neglect, the marginalization in Igede. We are only remembered when it comes to election; it is very wrong. When it’s time for election those who are vying for elective positions know that the vote from Igede nation is bloc and it has the capacity to decide where the pendulum swings. We will not sit back and wait for that election time again. We will challenge the government in a positive light. We will advise the government to take an inward look critically toward the Igede nation.

We lack all the infrastructural developments. I keep emphasizing on the road, the singular road that we use from Oju to Makurdi; if we are not passing through Otukpo. Otukpo road is not good either, but better. Formally, if you are leaving Oju for Makurdi, you know when you’ll get to Makurdi; normally it would take you a maximum of one hour and 30minutes, but now it will take you about four hours and by the time you get to Makurdi, may God help you, if you don’t take Panadol.

road-1“The road is in a bad shape. It is is a death trap and those in position should think about the leaders of tomorrow who are plying that road.

 “That road has sent many people to their early grave. In fact, they should declare a state of emergency on the Awajir-Oju road. And something needs to be done very urgently. That is a wake up call and I want our leaders, those that are elected into office (I am not against anybody, but they are not doing enough; they might be trying their best in whatever capacity God has given them or placed them) to do more. That is about the road.”

He said: “Infrastructure: we have only one College of Education in Oju. we want it upgraded to a university. Healthcare centers, name them. We have infrastructural challenge, we have no federal presence in Oju and we are Nigerians. This is twenty first century. So, the leaders should take us more serious.

L-R: James Ibechi and Frankie Alochu

 “ we have competent hands, we have competent people and we are also part of the state.

 Let us have a sense of belonging. It’s not only when they have election Oju or Igede people should be considered. After the elections, what happens to all the campaign promises? They are thrown into River Benue. We don’t want that anymore. That is my little advice for those in authority.”

 On whether Alochu was nursing political ambition, he said no neither is he a politician nor does he have interest in politics.




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