By James Ibechi

It is amazing finding out how Chief Frank Alochu has been in the vanguard of donating his hard earned money, time and reputation to charity causes in Igedeland, yet he is little known in the media.

award-3Either that or the media aren’t giving him deserved spotlight probably because he is not a politician.

Or how do you explain a situation where you have over one million Igede people sojourning in the south western part of Nigeria, either working for Yoruba taskmasters in their cocoa plantations, or at worse engaging in all manners of odd trade including prostitution and child trafficking, with no one to the rescue?

Of the population, empirical study had demographically shown that a significant per cent is made up of young boys and girls of secondary school age, who have dropped out of schools due to inability to pay ever increasing school, WAEC/NECO fees.award-5

That is despite the fact that Igede people are blessed with rich but selfish businessmen and politicians who only remember, to flood the parents of these less privileged youths with food, cheap consumables only during Election Time. Too bad!

That is where Chief Frank Alochu was said by the outgoing Igede youth leader, Moses Alo, aka AMCO, to be taking a radical departure from.

He said Chief Alochu’s veins are flowing with the milk of human kindness, for the lives that he has managed to impact in Igede nation, enumerating many of what the philanthropist extraordinaire has been using his charity organization, Alochu Foundation, to do to the benefit of humanity, which AMCO said had elicited an award of Epitome of Love and Care from the Igede youths.award-4

The youth leader said the award was a measure or show of appreciation for the love and care Chief Alochu has been showing in deeds and words for the Igede people.

His words: “The award is all about the love he has for all his people and his disposition; what he has done for Igede people, his kind of life style. There are some persons that once they say they have arrived they forget their roots. But Alochu’s case is a radical departure from other Igede wealthy men. He has done what no Igede person has done at home.

“Not saying that he is the richest person in Igede, but the kind of structure he has put here on ground shows that he has the love for Igede nation. Then, about his father’s land, go and see the kind of electricity project he is putting there. It will amaze you. It surpasses any government project. It is sophisticated.

“The scholarship that he has been giving to many youths; talk about widows, he has done so many for Igede nation.

“One way to appreciate him for him to do more is to give him the symbol, that as soon as he sees it he’ll know that Igede people have respected or appreciated him.The founder of the foundation accepted the award with thanks, saying he was definitely spurred by the recognition and would do more, even as he said was not giving back to the society to earn him any recognition.”

Besides his scholarship scheme, his donations to the youth council, his infrastructural development efforts in his community of Ukpa, Chief Alochu through his foundation is doling out about N2million to about 60 widows this year, solely to help alleviate abject poverty in the lives of the widows in Oju and Obi LGAs.

 The preparations for the disbursement of the money are near completion and the presentation day has been fixed for January 28, 2017.






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