Dear Mr Kingston Ona, stop dancing nakedly

I took time to read your open letter addressed to Prof. Ode Ojowu on the Adirahu Igede debacle where you conspicuously mentioned my name libelously. I can’t remember having any social, political and whatsoever contact with you before. I may not even be able to pick your face in a crowd. I only asked to know you are one of the Ejugwus from Uje-Anchim. That’s all. I really don’t feel obliged to communicate with you in any form since I don’t have any business with you but I am compelled to put this down for the records, sir. I have been told that you are very much my senior by birth so I will express my feelings politely.

andyson 2
Andyson Iji Egbodo

Please note that I am not Prof. Ode Ojowu’s personal assistant, though, it would have been a great honour to serve such a man somehow, neither am I related to him. Therefore, passing your open letter through me to him casts you below the belt.


I am not leading any illegal Youth group in Igede as you opined in your letter. One of your younger ones told me that your age is still in the Youthful bracket. I advise you to connect with the comity of Igede Youths so that you will be acquainted with Youth formations and our modus operandi in IGEDE Youth League. Just as you mentioned, there is IGEDE National Youth Council. We also have IGEDE Youths Assembly, IGEDE Progressives Youth Forum, Oju Township Youth Movement and so on. We do work together as perfectly as you can imagine. We also have Obi Youths Assembly for Ito people. That you don’t know all these, defines you and what you represent.

In IGEDE, this is not the first time two brothers would be contesting against themselves. In 1997, Dr Adoga Onah contested the Oju LG Chairmanship with his elder brother, Hon David Onah. Yours is taking a most dangerous dimension because of people like you in Ejugwu’s family. It is not my duty to talk about your family in the public. I want to exercise serious restraint in analysing some characters that are the progenitors of this quagmire. They hold the fan in their hands and are so resolute in continuing to blow the ember. You are the cause of the present embarrassment the entire Igede Kingdom is being subjected to. I advise all the members of Late Chief Ejugwu to look inward and stop perpetuating our collective nakedness to the world. Some of you would readily come on social media to insult people that are even your teachers by all standard, here and there just because it pleases God to honour your family to mount the throne first? I don’t think your family is the most senior family in Igede, so when you feel relaxed to insult people on social media for the reason of Igede first class stool, you are insulting the collective sensitivity of the entire Igede Nation.

Dear Mr Kingston, you are not too small in age to initiate serious family meetings that will be aimed at reconciling your family members together again. Then, take a comparative analysis, devoid of petty sentiments of “Na him first dey abi Na him first declare interest”, of the two of your brothers that are slugging it out and dragging the good name of your family in the mud, consider who has an edge in the court of public opinion, the one that is more accepted by the generality of the people and advise the other to let peace reign. These are what is expected of the so many right thinking men in your family but not to come on social media to behave like a drunk who dances naked to the market square. Such a man can never regain his dignity.

You erroneously invited me for a media war. I can’t help laughing. With profound humility, If I don’t know anything, I should be certain any day that you can’t face me on social media. I have the capacity to blank you from all windows that nobody except your very few friends at the primary corridor of your Facebook wall will see your ranting. No need for that brother. Go back to Uje and do the needful. It is never late for IGEDE people to take back this gracious offer that they have the first shot on the throne from your family. It’s called magnanimity. It’s not a right. Any reasonable member of your family won’t show up for a dance of makeba on Facebook about the Chieftaincy issue. I don’t think you are helping Prof Johnson Onah who is your candidate. It’s more serious a matter, brother.

*Andyson Iji Egbodo, a media aide of the Deputy Majority Leader of the BSHA, Rt. Hon. Nick Eworo, writes from Oju LGA.


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