Effluent water from the factory from where host community drinks


Another source of water from a remote neighboring community where the host also go to fetch water for drinking




A community leader who spoke to The Hawk


By James Ibechi

‘Dangote Cement host community drinks from waste water’ would be the headline of a lead story in the current edition of The Hawk Newspaper billed to hit the newsstands tomorrow. It is real.

The story is pathetic. The host community of the cement company does not have elites who could fight for the community’s right. Portions of land are arbitrarily ceased from the host community for the expansion of the company with the connivance of elites from neighboring communities in Yandev. All over the community, it is hard to find a single source of potable water and so the community loathes drinking from the effluent water gushing out of the cement factory. But they have no choice. It is hard to find a borehole in the entire community. Wickedness like none other!

 It is not likely that it would be the first time the story of the plight of the factory host community would be told, but it has overtime failed to arouse attention of the powers that be just because it is probably not about the Hausa/Fulani or Yoruba, but about the suffering Tiv community.

The Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper and I were first tipped off to the untold story of the host community of the cement industry in Gboko when we paid a courtesy call on Moses Agbogbo the permanent secretary in the ministry of environment. Since then, we had been investigating into the host community at Mbakyur and Mbatoir areas of the community.

Our investigations reached the crescendo last week with a visit to Dangote Cement factory in our efforts to get the company’s side of the story.

Our findings?…..check later


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